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Sasuke Uchiha – Vol IV-

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Sasuke Uchiha sure is one popular guy !

Well at least that’s what I think , some like him , some adoreeee him and some hate him . Take your pick , it doesn’t matter if you like him or not . The story doesn’t depand on you  , but on him . And as you are aware (if you have been following Naruto Shippuden Religiously XD) . The manga is getting us near the so long awaited battle (kinda like when Vegeta got paired against Goku just before the Buu fiasco , we all were waiting for *that* fight ) . This one promise to be entraitaing and an eye opener  . We will know so much when Naruto will clash with Sasuke .

I personally don’t like him that *much* . I understand how he feel , being betrayed , used , treated as a fool . He is also smart I give him that , but he is too arrogant for his own good . Add to that , his idea of justice is kinda harsh . I get he want to kill the 3 elders ( Danzo and the 2 others hags) . But to kill a whole village , even the children’s ?

An eye for an eye , never brought peace but it only strech what already begun and had an end .  If it did have an end , continuing the circle like he is doing will only prolonge his own agony . And he will become lost .  But then again , Kishimoto know how to twist things around . So who know what he has in store….maybe , it won’t be predictible .

But for now , let’s just enjoy this feeling of ”what’s gonnahappen” for a little while longer and meanwhile I give you  some Sasuke Wallpapers 🙂





And followed closely by *funny* Pictures of Sasuke , just for laugh :)(you need a sense of humour to enjoy them , it written in those little letter down you know where :P)





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Yes , you read right . I’m so out of ideas for a post title and haven’t updated in so long , and yet I come short at finding a title . Oh well , sorry for the late update , been busy like hell with others stuff .

So anyway , I guess I just upload those screenshot I took the other day . See , when I find great wallpapers be it of Kakashi or Sasuke or even Naruto . There is always one little detail that annoy me .

The wallpapers are all beautiful and always well made . I have no idea what tool they use (probably photoshop or something similar) , and yet the thing I find missing in each wallpaper is always the same . And that’s emotions .

I don’t know if it is because they are limited or by choice . I always liked a wallpaper that is not just pretty looking but also one that can show emotions or have kind of a story . Something at least instead of  just a flashy cool dude with backround text . That’s kinda dull….

I used Printscreen , a nifty little freeware that let you use a box that you can drag around the screen and when you capture what you want , just with a push of a button you have a perfect screenshot of what you wanted . It’s easy to use and totally free , and doesn’t take any ressource or space .

So when I was watching some old episodes concerning our dear Itachi Uchiha . I had some fun and took some screenshot of Itachi . Mind you they aren’t perfect , and I was watching Naruto on NarutoGet website . So you may see their logo on the video .

But I think , these screenshot do show some of his emotions…..something that I find lacking in the wallpapers I find usually .You will recognize some of the pictures taken if you watched and followed Itachi story 🙂

                               – Itachi Uchiha , a tragic ending –

                        – He looked so sad , I wish they would show us the last moment between Itachi and his father , must have been something –

                       – I can’t believe Sasuke couldn’t see trough his act-

                        – Ok this one was for me  😉 , I just wanted to see how long were his hair cose in Shippuden they seemed longer –

                         – Just before Orochimaru show up , his eyes show great determination –

                           – lol here , he look like a vampire what with the blood on the side of his mouth ! –


– Here for some odd reasons , he remind me of Sai !!! –

– This is Sai in case you were on another planet 😛 –

– ok here , he really but really remind me of Madar younger brother ! yeah I know crazy right ? but wait till  next pic and then Judge by yourself –

                        – This madara younger brother while he was *willingly* giving his eyes (yeah right) . Anyway , see his hair on each side , if you take the line on Itachi face , it could have been easely been madara brother : As in they looked alike in that screenshot 🙂 –


-Itachi last smile , so much emotions there-

                            – His death , it’s like he is just looking at the sky and taking a rest…not dead . –

Sharingan Bundle

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Ah , these are some wallpapers about our favorites sharingan (and only) users . Meaning , Madara , Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha .

They are pairing and also solo , so take your pick and add them to your collection !

– Itachi Power-

– Uchiha Brothers –

-Itachi Dark Moon –

                                                              – Uchiha Crest –

– Itachi vs Sasuke (Amazing work!) – 

– Look kinda Goth if you ask me –

– Itachi Akatsuki Robe –

                                         – Under the moon –

                                        – Another one that is a *must have* –

                                               – Do I really have to say anything ? well , how about sephiroth flashback anyone ? 😛 –

                                   – For those who go Gaga over sasuke , here you go 🙂 –

– Ok so on the right , the spikey hair that’s Madara . But who the hell is the guy next to him ?  I let you guess 🙂 –

                                     – Itachi vs Kakashi –

** Remember , you can take any or all of these wallpapers , don’t thank me but thank the peoples behind this amazing arts works .

Pairing Wallpapers

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I will put here , all those wallpapers that have more then one pairing and don’t go in any categorie for exemple : a wallpaper of say Kakshi with Iruka , or Sasuke with Orochimaru .

-Naruto Group-

-Team Kakashi –

-Naruto’s Forth Hokage-


-Akatsuki –

-The Uzumaki Clan-


-Sasuke / Naruto –

-Sasuke VS Itachi-

-Sasuke / Madara / Itachi –

-Naruto / Sakura –

-Father Figure –

-Naruto vs Sasuke-

-Team Kakashi –

-Akatsuki 10 Members-


-Sasuke VS Naruto –

Sasuke Uchiha -Vol II-

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I once found a wallpaper of Sasuke Uchiha that was amazing , the artist made him with long hair in the style of Madara in his younger years , he remind me of Raditz a bit . But until I find that wallpaper , I present you instead some new wallpapers (found outta there) that for once aren’t all blue….

For once , some wallpapers are dark and as always very well done .

-Sasuke wearing the Akatsuki cloak-

-Sasuke and Orochimaru Curse Power-

-Sasuke Shippuden-

-Sasuke Blue Shakra-

-Sasuke Melody-

-Sasuke Shadow Darkness-

-Sasuke Shippuden 2-

Sasuke Uchiha Wallpapers

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For those who are into Sasuke Uchiha , then you will be thrilled to have one of these wallpapers decorating your deskpot .

-Sasuke Uchiha-

Sasuke wearing black with the uchiha logo on his back .

-Sasuke using the Curse powers-

Surrounded by blue light , Sasuke using Orochimaru curse power .

-Sasuke forming the Great Fireball Technique seal-

I don’t know what’s with Sasuke and all the artist putting him around blue backround , but at least they know which blue to pick . And this one is very chic !

-Sasuke roaring Sharingan and pure chakra-

Done a bit a la DBZ , this wallpaper still is awesome to have . The white balance the rest of the colors black and blue and make it look awesome .

-Sasuke Shippuden-

I really like the face of  Sasuke the way it’s draw  in Shippudden . But what I hate most is his clothes . What’s with the Orochimaru look ? I love Orochimaru but the robe with the big bow ….just yurk !

But this wallpaper no matter what I think about Sasuke clothes , is still beautiful . With the dark and white text in the back…..a must have  🙂

-Sasuke Sorrow-

No matter how many times you can run a script , it doesn’t change the outcome of a story . This hand made painting of Sasuke tell the story of a broken brother who had to end the life of the only person who really cared for him . 😦

Itachi wallpapers

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Some gorgeous wallpapers about Itachi ,

and some with Sasuke .

in the mist

-in the mist-

sharp colors with a zest of darkness , Itachi portrait from his visit to Konoha .

-familly Crest-

The family crest as a backround , and two brothers fighting for their ideals .


Full front angle of Itachi wearing the Akatsuki robe .

-Itachi Quote-

Sometimes a picture isn’t enough , this one grab a famous quote from Itachi just after he left Konoha .

-ANBU Itachi-

Itachi wearing the garnement of that faithful night , the ANBU uniform .

-Itachi Portrait-

A hand made portrait of Uchiha Itachi , amazing work showing the Sadness and the beauty that was him .

-Itachi&Sasuke Younger-

Itachi and Sasuke , portrait of a tragedy .

-Red Moon-

A poignant wallpaper about Itachi love for his brother .


The Uchiha Sharingan , this wallpaper emphasis the eyes that set that clan apart .

-Itachi Crows Technique-

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