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6th Coffin

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Just who the hell is in that 6th coffin ?!?!

When Kabuto approched Madara he came prepared . He showed him what he could do and what he had to offer . And since he isn’t stupid , he knew there was a chance that Madara may attack him . So he came with a secret card in the form of a coffin with inside somoene that Madara feared .

Even if he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who ‘fear’ anything , this mysterious sleeping beauty inside the coffin , made Madara pose and accept Kabuto in his organization .

So who the hell is it ?!?! is it a Somoene or a something ?

Here are the ‘potential’ condidate for the 6th coffin :

Harishama Senju . He could be in the 6th coffin .

Why ?

1- He is the only one know for defeating Madara , not once but twice .

2- Madara claim to have the greatest of respect for him but  he also  hate this guy just the same .

3- He also cannot be in the coffin for this simple reason :  Madara is shown to have used Harishama DNA for the Zetsu , and has his body . If so , then :

* He already know how to defeat Harishama therefor he isn’t a threath to him , and the being in the coffin IS a threath to Madara .

* If he has his body , there is a chance Kabuto doesn’t have his DNA . And without that he cannot bring him back . (unless Danzo shared the DNA he got before Madara took the body but I doubt it ) .

Uzumaki Mito .

The 1st Hokage wife , also the 1st Host of the Nine-Tails Kyuubi .

Why ? if Madara believe Naruto a threath and left him last to be captured . Just guess how much power she must had .

And Madara seem to know about her and her *power* (when he point out that Naruto could see the evil inside peoples just like she did ) . That mean she must had the same transformation like Naruto did . And if Naruto is strong so she must have been .


Sage of 6 Paths .


Well because he is the freaking creator of all shinobi . He is like a G-od . He *made* the Ten-Tails and put it inside himself , then he took controle over the beast and was able to live a long time without any bug 😛

But , yes there is a BUT . If it was truly him , then Kabuto wouldn’t have a *need* to do research on him , right ?

I mean if he has the DNA to bring this guy back from the dead . Why do research on him ? cose if you recall when he will ask for Sasuke in exchange for his help . He claim he need him for his research on the Sage of 6 Paths .


  The Ancestors!

No , he won’t bring back Madara since he isn’t dead . But maybe the person in the last coffin is one of their ancestor .

If Kabuto bring back the grand Pa of Harishama . That would mean he will bring back the guy who fought the Grand Pa of Madara . And I’m sure if something like that happen , the guy who’s answer was ‘love’ will certainly try to stop Madara and not join him .

As for if he bring back Grand pa Madara ? That would be tricky . Grand Pa of Madara would probably likely to side with his descendant . Unless Kabuto has totale controle of him , then yes . He would become a great threath for Madara who isn’t younger anymore and doesn’t have the power he had before .


Minato , also known as the 4th Hokage . Father of Naruto and husband to Kushina Uzumaki .


He is the 2nd man , know to be able to best Madara in battle . From Kushina flashback , he fought Madara the night Naruto was born . He was not only able to steal the Nine-Tails back from him before he went on a rampage . But he also was able to wound him with a Rasengan . I tell you , if this guy survived there won’t be a war at all !!

Those are the peoples I *think* maybe inside the 6th coffin . Of course , there are many other theory outta there . Everyone has an opinion and this is mine .

Know that I maybe wrong in this but so  are you , none know WHO is in the freaking coffin . We will know sooner or later , but meanwhile we can still guess 🙂

There are also *funny* theory as to Who is in the coffin  , like these two pictures . I let them speak for themself 😀


And now , WHO aren’t at 100% in the coffin but we WISH they were !!

                                        – He isn’t in the coffin , but I wish he was HAHAHA , just seeing the look on Madara face it would be priceless –

                                             Darth Vader – He isn’t but I bet many though of it 😉 –

                                              – Kreia – Kotor 2 – She would probably use him (Madara) then dump him like she did with Sion and Nihilus –

                        -Nemesis Resident Evil – He will need to add ‘Madara’ to his list of target since he is programmed to kill only members of S.T.A.R.S.

                      -Sephiroth – Do I have to say anything about this guy ? like Darth Vader , he would probably slash Madara to little pieces before going on the hunt for Clouuuuuuud .

                                     – Saddam from South Park- He will probably drive Madara crazy lol

                          – Broly from DBZ- He will probably scream ‘KAKAROT’ , kill , pound and squach Madara before he will notice that it isn’t Kakarot lol –

                       – Alien Queen – Maybe Kabuto found one and want to unleash her on Madara lol watch out for those theeths !-

And so the question remain unanswered , WHO do YOU think is in the 6th coffin ? and most important is WHY .





The Lost Tower Naruto Movie 4

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Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 :  The Lost Tower

May as well call it the Lost writer , for the trailer of the movie promised something that it didn’t give in the end .

The movie is about Naruto , Sakura , Sai and Yamato trying to stop a missing-nin from messing with some old Jutsu left there by the 4th Hokage . They are supposed to capture the vilain and bring him back . But the guy is a weasel that somehow know how to time travel , and so his actions send both Naruto and Yamato to the past .

***If you didn’t watch the movie and find the words above spoil-ish well go watch it !***

Did they deliver what they promised ? No , of course not . Why would they do that ?

Was the movie fun to watch ? Muh , I’ve seen better episodes that’s for sure .

So what’s wrong with the movie ?

Well first , we all know the sad story of Uzumaki Naruto right ?

He grow up not knowing his parents , Jiraiya and Tsunade both hinted (before Jiraiya went snooping in Pain Town home) that Naruto look like his father but his personality (hyperactive behavior and so on) come from his mother .

The movie hinted in the short trailer that he would meet his father during this trip in time .

Woohoo , finally poor Naruto may finally experience some loving from his real father instead of substitute .

Wrong! We only get glimpse of the 4th Hokage  which make the movie a fraude .

Sure the movie may not have been all about the relationship between Naruto and the 4th Hokage but damn it ! why then show us as if it was then ?

I guess they knew it would grap your curiositee and you will watch it . Just to be dissapointed in the end . But let’s face it , we are getting used to dissapointement with this Manga .

From the very repetetives story lines , to the lame exuses of short and nonsense battles . Take your pick , Dragon Ball Z may had his fault but when it came to the story , it never ”didn’t make any sense” or ever make you say ” damn another sob story”  . Ever . (you can watch DB , DBZ and see for yourself ) .

So in the end , would I recommand this movie ?

Hum , watch it but be ready to be dissapointed since you will not see the Hokage much , or hear him say what you want him to say .

The soundtrack wasn’t anything you went to go and find on YT , Naruto/shippuden maybe repetetive but they usually make you forget that with an amazing music . But this movie was average in the soundtrack departement . Poor in the story line and all around . Watch it if you must (or need your Naruto fix) but you have been warned . 🙂

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