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Rumble Rumble

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I always though that Naruto’s Rasengan was his Ultimate Jutsu . You know , kinda like Goku Trademark attack was Ka-me-ha-me-haaaaaa! .

I remember in DBZ , Goku used the Kamehameha as last resort . Because it take a lot of energie . And when he used the Kamehameha it usually signaled the mood of the Battles . Making others like Piccolo , and Krillin saying things like ” Goku’s getting serious !”.

But with Naruto it’s completely another story . The Rasengan and Kamehameha has neither the same form (yes round in both cases , blue in both cases ) but they aren’t in the same level at all .

Yes the Rasengan can do alot of damage to one bodie if you take a direct hit . But with the Kamehameha you can wipe away a whole country lol

And now everyone is running around making a Rasengan 

Well , everyone….I’m thinking mostly for those who started this (aka The 4th Hokage and Jiraiya ) . And now….Konohamaru is going Rasengan on Pain ?!?!?!

Well he can . But I though Naruto was a freaking Hero ?? Usually , Heroes have their own *unique* technique . Madara get his own freaky Susanoo (with double head ) . Sasuke get his own Susanoo in the form of DBZ mixing !

And Naruto get ripped off ?!?! NOT FAIR !!!!!

Ok , he has Futon Rasen Shuriken , and Sage mode , and his new Team-work with Kurama . BUT his strongest Technique Futon RasenShuriken look lame . (especially when he throw it at the same as two others : Bee and Itachi ) and his look Lamoooo….next to those 2 .

I mean , what if Vegeta when he came the 1st time on earth . Blasted Goku with a Kamehameha ? (Instead of his Gari-gun thingy) .

That would be like a WTF moment right ? I mean , I know most DBZ charachter (Yamcha , krillin , Turtles) could do a kamehameha . Even Goku’s kids end up being tiny clones of him . But still…Kishi you are supposed to get ‘inspired’ from DBZ. Not COPYING!

And to add to the ‘repetetive’ mood lol

Well….First there was the Sage of 6 Path with those eyes .  Then came his Two Son’s . Who One had the Eye , the other had the Body (watever that mean ) .

Then came along Nagato…aka Pein . (again Rinnegan eyes passed down)

Then with Pein came alot of bodies all wearing the Rinnegan . (Teach those who claimed it was a Myth , now you got Spammed like hell!) .

And the Devil came wearing Prada-Ahem ! I mean , wearing a Mask and a set of eyes that will sent even the most evil creature back to the Abyss with just one look…..

 (or he think , he just make me wanna smash that mask with a baseball bat ) .

And like it is not enough of a copy-past , now Edo-tensei-Madara got a new set of what…? EYES ! (not brain= didn’t have any left in stock) .

Argh….and to make it EVEN worse (Like it’s possible…why yes , it’s !) . He claim to have *Awaken* his Rinnegan just before he died

Of course , such claims mean (if it’s true) that not just him . But also Sasuke has the abilitie to get the Rinnegan , and Itachi would’ve (if he survived ) and mostly all those in the Uchiha with the Abilitie of the Sharingan .

I don’t know if Itachi would be able to ‘activate’ the Rinnegan in his edo-dead-tensei mode . But Sasuke has a lot more chances to activate his own Rinnegan .

The real question here (beside wtf all these rinnegan spamming) is that : Is there a requirement to Unlock them ?

From Nagato own memeories ,  intense traumatisme seem to have done the trick . Yet in Itachi and Sasuke cases , they only got the Sharingan and later the Mangekou Sharingan activated . No Rinnegan .

Maybe you need both Senju and Uchiha ADN to get both Sharingan and Rinnegan . (and Madara thanx to Kabuto has both inside of him ) .

My real question is this one : If having both DNA (Senju and Uchiha) = Unlocking Rinnegan . Does that mean , if Kakashi somehow get Senju DNA he can unlock the Rinnegan ?

And how come Kakashi is stuck with ONE FREAKING JUTSU ?

Yes Kamui is Amazing ! Yes Kamui is Rocking ! Yes Kamui can get ride of shit in your room if you had it , which will save you from dumping all that junk underneath your bed……

But Kamui is ONE jutsu . And Uchiha claims that when you activate the Mangekou you get 3 new JUTSU . So where are the 2 others he is supposed to get ?

I though ,maybe because his chakra level is limited he only got one . But I doubt that’s the reason . Since Itachi activated Susanoo and didn’t stop that Jutsu from siphoning his life away…

So how much of a danger is a Jutsu has no impact on it . Unless you get Jutsu depanding on your chakra level . If that’s the case , how come Naruto doesn’t have that many ?

And also , one thing I noticed when it come to Kamui . Is that , Kakashi use it way too much . Yes , I understand the way of thinking strong enemy = use your strongest Jutsu .

But his Kamui seem to have an *addictive* qualitie to it . And you can say that about most Uchiha Jutsu .

I mean , as soon as Sasuke unlocked his Susanoo and no matter how much strain and pain it gave him . He used it against Danzo over and over . Because 1- it was his strongest technique . 2- he wanted to make it perfect . 3- Cose he was showing off lol

But in Kakashi case , he is the copy Ninja . And Jutsu (strong and weak) he is said to have an arsenal at his hand . (yes his chakra limit him at what and how much he can throw at his ennemie) . But still….using Kamui every chance he get , and keep saying ‘I’m worried about my chakra level…but hell…If I what..” .

Kakashi ! you got saved once from death by Pain by Pure luck ! Don’t die on the Freaking battelfield because of Kamui !!!

So yeah in my not so humble opinion XD Sharingan still rock my world (even if it has evil tendancy) . Sorry Rinnegan…you just lost your charm with all the copy-like running wild .

I let you muse over this  picture where someone used a red crayon and pointed out something…interesting (not me , Found not did) :

And to Top it off ,  I give you this pretty wallpaper of Itachi vs Kakashi (I mean two rockin’ Legend there ) ❤


Best of DBZ – Bruce Faulconer

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For all of you who watched the DBZ with Bruce Faulconer soundtrack . Didn’t you once wish you had all the freaking soundtrack ? from Frieza theme , to piccolo theme to cell or Boo ?

Well guess what ? I know this has nothing to do with Naruto , this blog is about Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden . But finding all the soundtrack of DBZ done by Bruce Faulconer , hell I couldn’t just keep this to myself and I had to share them with you 😀

Shadowboy17 , used his MediaFire account to host all the albums of DBZ ‘Best of’ done by Bruce Faulconer . You can see the whole thing here . Just type dbz Best of on the search bar (on your left) and it will show you all the album , ready for download . Each file weight 83MB , remember to scan them (just in case) .

For the curious you can also take a look at his collections of soundtrack , he has alot and must taken him  a long time  . (if you have a Mediafire account , remember to go thank him :))

The 1st album , weight 78,3Mo . It has all of these soundtracks :

1-Dragon Ball Z

2- Call out the Dragon

3- Futur Trunk

4- Gohan fight Frieza

5- The Makyo Star

6- Garlic Jr. Theme

7- King Cold

8- Frieza’s Revival

9- Heroic Trunks

10- Android 16

11- Perfect Cell Run

12- The Howling

13- Androids 17 & 18

14- Destruction

15- Gohan & Icarus

16- The Cell Games

17- 16 Rips off Cell’s tail

18- Vegeta’s Theme

19- Vegeta Power up

20- Vegeta Super-Saiyan

21- The Dragon Theme

22- Hyperbolic Time chamber

23- Goku’s Spirit Bomb

24- Super Namek

25- Pikkon Theme

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 2 , this album weight 83,2Mo . It contain the following soundtracks :

1- Hyperbolic Time Chamber

2- Goku and Gohan Train

3- Goku and Kai face off

4- Cell and Piccolo face off

5- Piccolo angry

6- Piccolo and 17 Talk

7- Piccolo vs 17

8- Androids steal truck

9- Groovy Discotech

10- Cell at Ball Club

11- Cell at Carnival

12- Weird Circus

13- Electronic Circus

14- Cell contact Goku

15- Imperfect Cell Theme

16- Cell is dead

17- Cell power up

18- Demon Mist

19- Dead Zone

20- Frieza vs Spirit Bomb Part 1

21- Frieza  vs Spirit Bomb Part 2

22- Frieza’s Death

23- Earth Music

24- Ginyu Transformation

25- SSJ Transformation (SSJ= Super Saiyan)

26- Space Room

27- Mysterious Person

28- Supreme Kai’s Theme

29- Goku and Gohan in Time Chamber

30- Goku Battles 19

31- Goku Recover

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 3 , this album weight 86,2 Mo and it has all of these soundtracks :

1- Wrestling Rock with Lead

2- Frieza Base

3- Trunks Appears

4- Trunks Power Up

5- Perfect Cell Theme

6- Droids Vs Bikers

7- Yamcha Meets Droids

8- Country Store

9- Grand Kai Blues

10- Grand Kai Rocks

11- Ox King Consoles

12- Truckin’2

13- Underwater

14- Kame sad

15- Kame Though

16- Aristocratic British

17- Aerobis

18- Sage Music

19- Gohan Angers 2

20- Gohan Angers

21- Cell Juniors Theme

22- Vegeta Knows his son

23- Gohan on film

24- Goku Dies

25- Long Flashback

26- Gohan Power Up

27- Mushroom March

28- Flight Training

29- Trunks and Gotens

30- Videl get Hits

31- Videl Gets up

32- Mysterious B

33- Videl Plummets

34- Trunks and Goten Spare

35- 18 and Mighty Mask Stand off

36- Doubler’s Prelude

37- Gohan vs Doubler

38- Gohan vs Doubler II

39- Vegeta’s Red Power

40- Pre-Boo

You can download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 4 , this album weight 85,2Mo and contain these soundtracks :

1- Frieza Transforms

2- Planet Namek Destruction

3- Energy Disc Music

4- Frieza Begs

5- Android 20 destroy City

6- 19 Almost kill Goku

7- Eerie

8- Cell Theme (with Choir)

9- Cell & Piccolo Fights

10- Cell Transforms

11- 16 and the Squirrels

12- King Kai

13- King Kai’s Die

14- Snake Way

15- Kame’s Tale

16- Cell Returns

17- New Earth Music

18- Wimps get wacked

19- Goten’s lizard

20- Nail’s Gift

21- trunks win

22- Pui Pui Fight Vegeta

23- Pui Pui Struggle

24- Room Music

25- Yucon Suck

26- Goku & Kai Standoff

27- Relief Rock

28- Satan give speech

29- Goku vs Vegeta

30- Trunks Jump In

31- Boys put to sleep

32- Turbulence

33- SSJ3 Power Up

34- Tourney Talk

35- Kid Buu is waiting

36- Kid Buu Fighting

37- Pan’s Song

38- Uub in the Tournament

39- DBZ Finale

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 5 , this album weight 104Mo and contain the following soundtracks :

1- Goku vs Jeice & Burta

2- Guru’s Theme

3- Ginyu Force Theme

4- Piccolo and Nail Fuse

5- Goku’s Nightmares

6- Say Goodbye to Namek

7- Mr. Shu’s  Lesson

8- Mr. Shu’s S&M Class

9- Cops Arriving

10- Blowing up the Lab

11- Goku’s Dream

12- Heaven Sent Trunk

13- Bulma’s Car-20 Escape

14- Episodic Trunk

15- Krillin and Trunk Arrive

16- Tournament March

17- Jazzy Tunes

18- Goku Volunteers  Gohan

19- King Yemma

20- Pterodctyl Attack

21- Gohan and Greasers

22- Chi Chi and Videl

23- Gohan Ruins the Shot

24- Brass Fanfare

25- Briefs 2

26- hercule’s Orchestra

27- Face-Off

28- Briefs 3

29- 18 Make a Deal

30- Doubler does Kabito

31- Yacon Blow

32- Shin Panics

33- Turned to Stone 2

34- Full Power

35- Vegeta Stops

36- Vegeta Fools Goku

37- Boys Flying

38- Gotenks is Born

39- Gohan Approaches

40- Intro to Final and Closing Music

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 6 , this album weight 117,41MB and contain the following soundtracks :

1- Cell Yells

2- Cell Slow Theme

3- Cell Kill man

4- Cell Destroy Island

5- Gohan vs Cell

6- Cell Kills Gunman

7- it’s up to Dende

8- Vegeta Snooze

9- Race and Crash

10- Fight Hits

11- Vegeta Vision

12- Vegeta in Space

13- Vegeta Fight Frieza

14- Goku and Shenron

15- Piccolo vs Frieza

16- Bulma and the Frog

17- Bulma and Bubbles

18- Farm Destruction

19- Garlic Transformation

20- Crazy Fight

21- Finding the Capsule

22- Boogieman

23- Gohan meet Mr.Shu

24- Gohan and Chi Chi Argue

25- Chi Chi Mission

26- Industrial

27- Goku is Falling

28- Krillin Power Up

29- Goku vs Caterpillar

30- Maron Leaves

31- Holy Water

32- Gohan SSJ

33- Gohan’s Sack

34- Gohan hit Tree

35- Trunk Tells his Story

36- Trunks Power Up

37- Power Music

38- Korin’s Dinner

39- Hell Theme

40- Sharpner Run

41- Healing

42- Group Watche

43- Hercule in Night Club

44- Trunks Hits Hercule

45- Trunks Take Mask

46- Majins Absorb Gohan

47- Flute and Strings

48- MM Splits

49- Hercule Arrive

50- Hercule Talk with Trunks

51- Cake Factory

52- Z-Fighters Pathéthique

Download this album here .

Buu Sagas Soundtrack , the album weight 80,19MB and you can download this album here .

Best of Trunks Compendium album , the file weight 64,6MB and you can Download here .

The Androids Saga , the album weight 57,73Mb and you can Download it here .

I believe these are all the albums , if I missed one let me know . Also , remember to scan them !

Have fun downloading them ! 😉

One Last thing , if any link above don’t work /or send you to the same file let me know in a comment and I will fix it as soon as I can . And don’t comment that X song should be called Y instead of X and that W theme belong to A . Because I didn’t upload them , so I’m aware some songs definitly were wrongly named but what can you do ?

All the above links have a new home !

I re-uploaded them all once Matthew told me that Vol 4 and Vol5 were out , btw thanx !

You can access them all here .

If the links are dead , and since MegauPload is gone bye bye , I will upload them on request only . Leave a comment below , and tell me which album you want and I will re-upload them as needed .

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