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Madara Uchiha Twin Pack !

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The last manga chapter number 600 is out ! So hurry and go read it . Because what’s coming is a lot of SPOILERS!

You have been warned .

I bet everyone is still going berserk over Obito being Tobi and that state of mind is not about to cool down with the new chapter .

Like isn’t bad enough , Madara Uchiha show up on the battelfield .

But before we turn to prayer for the whole group of (Kakashi , Guy , Naruto , Killer Bee , 9-tails and 8-tails) since so far :

1- They barely wounded Obito .

2- Kakashi is running thin on Chakra

3- Guy seem his youth is getting quiet old

4- Naruto super new Power seem useless , since he is busy protecting everyone and so far he can’t find an opening .

Madara show up , and make things from worse to….horribly worse .

But for those who are Madara fans , before you go all ‘Eeeek! it’s Madara-sama ‘ .

Anyone notice anything ‘weird’ going on with the Madara that just showed up ??

Here a picture of the Madara that just (without invitation no less) dropped by .

Anyone notice something odd ???

I tell you what , look at the Madara that was fighting the 5 kages (and after he ripped his contract ) :


Here Madara cheat the Edo-Tensei and say ‘ Like hell you are getting ride of me !’ .


And then , all the chakra-soul-bullshit settle in , and his last form (excuse the term) is this one :

So what’s the difference you may ask ???

In the 1st picture (the Madara that dropped by on the battlefield) , on his body . We can clearly see a lot of crack . The same crack that are done by the Edo-Tensei .

On this last picture , the crack of the Edo-Tensei are gone ! he is just a floating Soul . Raw powers , all piled up under that big hair and talking no less .

Of course I may be wrong . But if I’m wrong , how come the 2 pictures don’t match ! SUSHIMOTO! don’t you have Beta reader-tester-checker ?!?!?!

But for 1 second , let’s forget about the picture maybe wrong . That it was just an error on their part .

If it’s another Madara , it bring out the question of HOW ?

And if it’s the same MAdara , does that mean the 5 Kages got pawned ?

And if isn’t the same MAdara , then how come there are 2 of them ? One seem under the effect of the edo-tensei (which was released) . And the 2nd Madara (facing the 5 Kages) seem to be just a soul .

Yet Kabuto explained the Edo-Tensei well . He said it need a SOUL + ADN = Zombie !

But since Madara is very strong , splitting his soul wouldn’t make a big difference . At least , to the naked eye , we won’t see a difference in his power even if he lack say 1/3 of his soul . (Because the guy is freaking powerful!) .

Yet , on Orochimaru now that he was brought back . We clearly see that something changed in him . He doesn’t seem like his usual pedo-psycho-creepy-scary-halloween .

You know , there is something that bother me . Everyone say that Madara fought Harishama TWICE . I recall he fought Harishama and all that was left from that battle was the Valley of the End . Can someone point out , when was the 1st Fight ???

If and I insist on the IF , IF the Madara that showed up on the battlefield is a product of the Edo-Tensei . 2 Questions rise up and scream ‘ we need an answer!’ :

1- How and When was he brought back with the Edo-tensei ?

2- Who did it ?

Kabuto is stuck in a loop , so it can’t be him . This Madara IF he was brought by the Edo-Tensei it must’ve been AFTER Itachi released the technic .

Because , if he was with the other zombies , like the other Madara . He would’ve ripped his contract and gained a face without wrinkles . Yet , we can clearly see crack on his whole body . That tell me , it was done AFTER Itachi released the edo-tensei .

If it’s true , then that mean Tobi is not OBITO .  It mean a 3rd asshole is hiding and brought out this Madara .

Of course , it could easily be that Black Zetsu . After all , we haven’t heard from him yet . And we do not know what he can and cannot do . Maybe he can do the edo-tensei as well . We can’t discard him as useless , when his role is yet to be revealed .

As for Obito , well there isn’t much surprise there . Of course , my reaction when I saw it was him under the mask was ‘ Are you freaking kidding me ?!?!’ .

And no , it doesn’t have anything to do about him being strong or anything like that . It’s mostly cose , he still doesn’t fit the profile of TOBI .

One picture that tell me (kinda) that he is not TOBI is this one :

In his battle against Conan , she was able to destroy the top half of his mask . And from the picture , it seem like half of his face is all white . And the other half is all black .

Now , doesn’t that remind you of someone ???

Ahem…he is called the Aloé Vera !

Only difference is that the white and black is kinda reversed . I for one always suspected that the Zetsu was made somehow . I also suspect that the white Part of him may just be DNA of Harishama . And the black part would be the dark chakra of the 10-tails .

Obito may have gone bonkers over the loss of Rin , but so far he doesn’t seem bloodthirsty to me .  He doesn’t want the 10-tails to go on a rampage . He doesn’t want to fuse with the 10-tails and become the greatest being .

Yet the Masked Tobi , did claim at some point that one of his goal was to have a ‘perfect’ body . You don’t get that by sitting on your ass you know .

The only reason a being like Tobi will go as far as changing his whole body as seen in the picture above , is to help in the process of fusion with something bigger then himself .

Wanna know when Tobi was bloodthirsty ?? Check out what he did in the Mist Village , controlling the 4th Mizukage . Was Obito even born back then ? Considering that the last Mizukage is older than Gaara !

Hey ! We have been asking that question forever ! Actually , that is the public line !

Err…..what do you think he has been doing ? Were you asleep Kakashi ?!?!?! He didn’t fall to the dark side you know ! That’s not a Jedi world !

Right , just put everyone to sleep . That make so much nosense .

One thing for sure , as much as they like to tell us and I quote :


That’s one hell of a long winded climax !!! Get on with it Goddamit ! 

Until next chapter….


Manga Chapter 508

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Oh why ? why does the creator of Naruto enjoy so much twisting things and drive us mad ?!?!?

No really ?

Every time I watch an episode , as I’m about to click on the play button I fear that the episode gonna turn out so bad that Naruto Shippuden will become like Dragon Ball GT .

Chapter 508 of Naruto Shippuden was highly expected and yet again it found a way to be only dissapointing .

How you may ask , well for starter the previous chapters hinted at an incoming battle between a membre of the Akatsuki and a shinobi from the Leaf .

We met this guy back in Naruto , and even if he was just a sidekick at the beginning since the author of Naruto was focusing on Sasuke and Itachi mostly he managed to make him something later .

The fish face guy like , called Kisame hinted in the manga that he possessed almost as much Shakra as Naruto and without having a kyubi of his own .

So you can guess that alone , make you want to see an episode of him fighting something of his own strength or at least close to . Naruto would have been the best to face him in my opinion , but it wasn’t mean to be .

The author instead made him face Guy , the sensei of Neji , Tenten and Lee .

And yet , he found a way to make such a good episode into a bad one .

I will assume that you read the chapter I’m reviewing , because if you didn’t then I may just spoil it for you . So go read it !

Kisame die .

There it was said , the one that I hoped see an awesome battle from end up doing the Hara-kiri on us . What the hell is he thinking ???

That’s what I’m afraid of , he is killing off members of the Akatsuki one by one and giving us nothing to chew on !

So all is left is to wonder as to why he is doing that .

Why kill all members of the Akatsuki and yet say that Madara need new peoples to manipulate ? It just doesn’t make sense .

Unless he plan on making new peoples from scratch and make them join the Akatsuki ? that’s a possibility but then again what kind of powers do they have ? or are they just gonna be a copy- of the olds members but with new faces ?

Because the author has a tendencie to copy from previous creations he made . For exemple the story of Haku having a sorry past and the pain and all that was copied later for many opponent .

And then there is Kabuto , yes what about him ?

They are stalling , that’s what I think . Giving us one episode at a time while we suffer and wonder what’s going on to happen next .

Since Naruto has a lot in commun with DBZ , I think that’s why I assumed that there will be a lot of battle and that it will be also the main focus of the author .

Cose for those who watched DB/DBZ , you know that it was all about fighting . Sayain against evil being like Freezer and Cell and in the end , we know that the good win always .

But with Naruto it seem so different , like we might never get the happy ending . I mean , it is possible that the author will screw us on that one and we end up crying cose it wasn’t what we wanted to see .

And that make me think , that maybe the author doesn’t know how to draw fights scene or maybe Naruto isn’t about fighting but more about preaching and flashback ?

I don’t know , but if anyone know I would like to hear it .

Meanwhile , I give you this sublime wallpaper of Kisame so well done it look real….

Chunnin Exam : scuffle of the noobs

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The Chunnin Exam start off with a small scuffle between Rock Lee and Sasuke . True , this small fight isn’t worth mentioning but the beginning with Sakura is worth seeing again ! 😛

And last , in this episode we are introduced to Rock Lee Soul – Ahem..I mean teacher Guy . 😉

Link to watch : Naruto – episode 22

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