Itachi wallpapers

Some gorgeous wallpapers about Itachi ,

and some with Sasuke .

in the mist

-in the mist-

sharp colors with a zest of darkness , Itachi portrait from his visit to Konoha .

-familly Crest-

The family crest as a backround , and two brothers fighting for their ideals .


Full front angle of Itachi wearing the Akatsuki robe .

-Itachi Quote-

Sometimes a picture isnโ€™t enough , this one grab a famous quote from Itachi just after he left Konoha .

-ANBU Itachi-

Itachi wearing the garnement of that faithful night , the ANBU uniform .

-Itachi Portrait-

A hand made portrait of Uchiha Itachi , amazing work showing the Sadness and the beauty that was him .

-Itachi&Sasuke Younger-

Itachi and Sasuke , portrait of a tragedy .

-Red Moon-

A poignant wallpaper about Itachi love for his brother .


The Uchiha Sharingan , this wallpaper emphasis the eyes that set that clan apart .

-Itachi Crows Technique-


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  1. I wonder about Itachi’s Necklace with three metal circles or rings…… Is that his lover give him? Or ???

  2. Itachi_Uchihaloves his brother Sasuke_Uchiha

  3. Atlest Itachi_Uchiha said that Sasuke_Uchiha was precious to him

  4. Atleast Itachi_Uchiha said that Sasuke was precious to him

  5. Damen Mopan Says:


  6. Haha you make a good point there, no ofcourse he coulnt predict al those things. Maybe at the beginning it was just to teach him the shuriken techniek. But later when he was about too kill his clan he didn’t want Danzo to come near him. It could be that he then already was keeping his chakra in sasuke in the way that if he aproches him it would defend him. I think that before he died he changed it to activate at madara because he saw him as a bigger threat. Of course sasuke had to gain his power by himself but I think that itachi was sharing his ohw chakra with him to defend him and sometimes help him. There has to be something with the fingers, I really dont think that Itachi poked his forehead because he liked Sasuke’s forehead that much.

    • actually what you said made me think more about it . The ‘fingers’ like you said well the only other theory that come to mind is maybe he did what the 4th did with naruto . Slip some of his own chakra (power) so if ever sasuke end up winning against naruto and is about to land a killing blow , he would show up just like the 4th did and stop him . or counter his attack . I mean , he must have know that sasuke would eventually take his eyes . Sasuke said that he could ‘feel’ itachi powers running trough him . Naruto has some of itachi power….so maybe that’s what will happen if the situation become dangerous , maybe the power he put in both of them will activate when the situation require it . It’s a long shot lol but anything is possible ๐Ÿ™‚ beside it beat the ‘ we are gonna die together’ option ๐Ÿ˜‰
      As for Sasukeโ€™s forehead , I don’t think he poked that because he has a sexy forehead ( and what’s a sexy forehead anyway…?) . I think it’s a gesture showing that they were really close when they were kids . Sasuke sure like hell won’t let anyone else poke his forehead . Though the manga claim they were close , and beside the poking sasuke always seemed arrogant and a kid who throw a tantrum to get his way . And itachi was just too kind and loving to do anything about him . If he was in the old age lol sasuke would have gotten the belt for being a pain lol
      Thanx for visiting and sharing your thoughs ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. so nice

    • Thanx for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you like them , I really try to get those I think peoples will like the most .

  8. Wow you really do make sense. But I have noticed another thing about Itachi. Before Itachi died he poked sasuke with 2 fingers on he’s forehead and putted his amaterasu in sasuke’s eye. Now when we look at sasuke and itachi’s childhood, we see everytime sasuke asked him to teach him a techniek, he did the same thing. I think Itachi was then already giving sasuke his powers wish made him weaker also. perhaps thats why sasuke was strong for a boy of his age. And don’t forget naruto has itachi’s power to! Itachi is xtremly strong ( I mean taking on a hole clan? and even Danzo feared him and probably Madara a little but he doesnt atmit) But never actually seen him fitgh at max! And when he foutgh with sasuke for the last time it seemed like he was playing with him (taking easy and waiting for orochimaru to appear) I think that Itachi gave Sasuke and Naruto most of his powers and we are going to see his power true them.

    • But why would he give his power making himself weaker in the process and give it all to sasuke ? (which is cheating , sasuke should sweat and suffer to get any amount of power like everyone else !)
      When he was a kid , he couldn’t have predicted that he will get sick , that he will get a mission to kill his whole clan , and that his only way to atone is to die by a relative hands .

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