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Sometimes we want to watch something quickly , without any fuss . Just click and watch and enjoy….

Well , that’s good cose here you will find only fights episodes of Naruto and it’s sequel Naruto Shippuden. You will skip any chit-chat and plot episodes , but if you are here that mean you already saw at least Naruto and are waiting for the next episode of Shippuden . If you never saw Naruto , then get out of here and go watch it then come back !

Mind you , none of the episodes are hosted here , but instead it will be put as a link . So just follow it and enjoy . 😀

– Some battles take more then 1 video , remember to click next if that’s the case –

Kakashi VS Zabuza

link to watch : Naruto -Episode 9

Kakashi showing us just how cool he is , with the 1st battle ever in Naruto . heros

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