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Itachi wallpapers

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Some gorgeous wallpapers about Itachi ,

and some with Sasuke .

in the mist

-in the mist-

sharp colors with a zest of darkness , Itachi portrait from his visit to Konoha .

-familly Crest-

The family crest as a backround , and two brothers fighting for their ideals .


Full front angle of Itachi wearing the Akatsuki robe .

-Itachi Quote-

Sometimes a picture isn’t enough , this one grab a famous quote from Itachi just after he left Konoha .

-ANBU Itachi-

Itachi wearing the garnement of that faithful night , the ANBU uniform .

-Itachi Portrait-

A hand made portrait of Uchiha Itachi , amazing work showing the Sadness and the beauty that was him .

-Itachi&Sasuke Younger-

Itachi and Sasuke , portrait of a tragedy .

-Red Moon-

A poignant wallpaper about Itachi love for his brother .


The Uchiha Sharingan , this wallpaper emphasis the eyes that set that clan apart .

-Itachi Crows Technique-

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