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Funny Wallpapers 2

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-Those who are Sakura-haters will enjoy this one the most ! You evil hater! lol –

– I still don’t believe it….is something wrong with me Doc? –

– Ouach !-

– That’s kinda what killed the Naruto vs Pain battle for me , wtf  is this ?-

– Awwww…..not really fair (for those who love hinata) and not fair (for those who love Sasusaku ) lol –

– Ouach ! Hear it well kiddo ! Not all fun….are fun . Not when your butt is the one concerned anyway –

– Hum…ew ?-

– Like he need an invitation! Tobi is worse then a Vampire , as in unlike vampires who require an invitation…he doesn’t . Picking up the slack from Orochimaru lol –

(if anyone is offended by the last picture , I take it down) 


Randomness II

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Ah Naruto , well the Manga is advancing we are nearing the battle that will oppose Naruto and Sasuke .

For the Anime , well they are giving us FILLER episodes . Meaning , they are making episodes out of their asses while we not so patiently are waiting for the story to move .

Meanwhile , I was bored so I edited some pictures of Madara . I’m sure if you do a Google search you will find better , but these are mines .

I do recommend watching the episode ‘Fight Rock Lee’  cose it was a really funny one !

*text* I’m THA Man! I feel Like Batman , now where is my Mad-Mobile?

First Edit XD

2nd Edit!

And last , this Animated Picture I found while surfing . For those who are big *Fan* of Madara you gonna like this one 🙂

I didn’t make this one , but I had to share it with you cose it’s really cool 🙂

And another I found on the web lol it would explain Madara sociopathic tendancie…just a tiny bit 😛




Funny and Cute Wallpapers

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Funny wallpapers always put a smile on our face , and can get a chuckle from us .  The fans with today technologie and a lot of skill at drawing , gave it their all and some are really hilarious when others are very well done . Sometimes you almost wish they made a comic from it .

-Naruto , Sakura & Sasuke in a band-


-Narutoman ? and he look tired lol –


– lol yeah and that’s the editors of Naruto-


-Full cast into the Simpsons –


-The Simpsons in Naruto style clothes , Bart look cool in the akatsuki robe and sharing eyes –


-Naruto charchters turned into Pokémon –


-The middle finger iz not a ninja hand sign lol-


-Naruto as Goku from DBZ , I think his head is too big :P-


– A Sasuke doll ? Girls…go get one !-


– Sasuke should chill a little , he never make weird faces –


-LOL the picture say it all –


– He is asking for it !-


-Sasuke : so what ? –


– Aww poor Tenten-


-hum hard choice …-


-Haha well done –



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