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Madara Uchiha Twin Pack !

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The last manga chapter number 600 is out ! So hurry and go read it . Because what’s coming is a lot of SPOILERS!

You have been warned .

I bet everyone is still going berserk over Obito being Tobi and that state of mind is not about to cool down with the new chapter .

Like isn’t bad enough , Madara Uchiha show up on the battelfield .

But before we turn to prayer for the whole group of (Kakashi , Guy , Naruto , Killer Bee , 9-tails and 8-tails) since so far :

1- They barely wounded Obito .

2- Kakashi is running thin on Chakra

3- Guy seem his youth is getting quiet old

4- Naruto super new Power seem useless , since he is busy protecting everyone and so far he can’t find an opening .

Madara show up , and make things from worse to….horribly worse .

But for those who are Madara fans , before you go all ‘Eeeek! it’s Madara-sama ‘ .

Anyone notice anything ‘weird’ going on with the Madara that just showed up ??

Here a picture of the Madara that just (without invitation no less) dropped by .

Anyone notice something odd ???

I tell you what , look at the Madara that was fighting the 5 kages (and after he ripped his contract ) :


Here Madara cheat the Edo-Tensei and say ‘ Like hell you are getting ride of me !’ .


And then , all the chakra-soul-bullshit settle in , and his last form (excuse the term) is this one :

So what’s the difference you may ask ???

In the 1st picture (the Madara that dropped by on the battlefield) , on his body . We can clearly see a lot of crack . The same crack that are done by the Edo-Tensei .

On this last picture , the crack of the Edo-Tensei are gone ! he is just a floating Soul . Raw powers , all piled up under that big hair and talking no less .

Of course I may be wrong . But if I’m wrong , how come the 2 pictures don’t match ! SUSHIMOTO! don’t you have Beta reader-tester-checker ?!?!?!

But for 1 second , let’s forget about the picture maybe wrong . That it was just an error on their part .

If it’s another Madara , it bring out the question of HOW ?

And if it’s the same MAdara , does that mean the 5 Kages got pawned ?

And if isn’t the same MAdara , then how come there are 2 of them ? One seem under the effect of the edo-tensei (which was released) . And the 2nd Madara (facing the 5 Kages) seem to be just a soul .

Yet Kabuto explained the Edo-Tensei well . He said it need a SOUL + ADN = Zombie !

But since Madara is very strong , splitting his soul wouldn’t make a big difference . At least , to the naked eye , we won’t see a difference in his power even if he lack say 1/3 of his soul . (Because the guy is freaking powerful!) .

Yet , on Orochimaru now that he was brought back . We clearly see that something changed in him . He doesn’t seem like his usual pedo-psycho-creepy-scary-halloween .

You know , there is something that bother me . Everyone say that Madara fought Harishama TWICE . I recall he fought Harishama and all that was left from that battle was the Valley of the End . Can someone point out , when was the 1st Fight ???

If and I insist on the IF , IF the Madara that showed up on the battlefield is a product of the Edo-Tensei . 2 Questions rise up and scream ‘ we need an answer!’ :

1- How and When was he brought back with the Edo-tensei ?

2- Who did it ?

Kabuto is stuck in a loop , so it can’t be him . This Madara IF he was brought by the Edo-Tensei it must’ve been AFTER Itachi released the technic .

Because , if he was with the other zombies , like the other Madara . He would’ve ripped his contract and gained a face without wrinkles . Yet , we can clearly see crack on his whole body . That tell me , it was done AFTER Itachi released the edo-tensei .

If it’s true , then that mean Tobi is not OBITO .  It mean a 3rd asshole is hiding and brought out this Madara .

Of course , it could easily be that Black Zetsu . After all , we haven’t heard from him yet . And we do not know what he can and cannot do . Maybe he can do the edo-tensei as well . We can’t discard him as useless , when his role is yet to be revealed .

As for Obito , well there isn’t much surprise there . Of course , my reaction when I saw it was him under the mask was ‘ Are you freaking kidding me ?!?!’ .

And no , it doesn’t have anything to do about him being strong or anything like that . It’s mostly cose , he still doesn’t fit the profile of TOBI .

One picture that tell me (kinda) that he is not TOBI is this one :

In his battle against Conan , she was able to destroy the top half of his mask . And from the picture , it seem like half of his face is all white . And the other half is all black .

Now , doesn’t that remind you of someone ???

Ahem…he is called the Aloé Vera !

Only difference is that the white and black is kinda reversed . I for one always suspected that the Zetsu was made somehow . I also suspect that the white Part of him may just be DNA of Harishama . And the black part would be the dark chakra of the 10-tails .

Obito may have gone bonkers over the loss of Rin , but so far he doesn’t seem bloodthirsty to me .  He doesn’t want the 10-tails to go on a rampage . He doesn’t want to fuse with the 10-tails and become the greatest being .

Yet the Masked Tobi , did claim at some point that one of his goal was to have a ‘perfect’ body . You don’t get that by sitting on your ass you know .

The only reason a being like Tobi will go as far as changing his whole body as seen in the picture above , is to help in the process of fusion with something bigger then himself .

Wanna know when Tobi was bloodthirsty ?? Check out what he did in the Mist Village , controlling the 4th Mizukage . Was Obito even born back then ? Considering that the last Mizukage is older than Gaara !

Hey ! We have been asking that question forever ! Actually , that is the public line !

Err…..what do you think he has been doing ? Were you asleep Kakashi ?!?!?! He didn’t fall to the dark side you know ! That’s not a Jedi world !

Right , just put everyone to sleep . That make so much nosense .

One thing for sure , as much as they like to tell us and I quote :


That’s one hell of a long winded climax !!! Get on with it Goddamit ! 

Until next chapter….


Kabuto Self Self

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So before I go off and start rambling , the last Chapter (Manga) of Naruto Shippuden Number 584 : Kabuto Yakushi is OUT . So go read it !!!!!

If  you are really just watching the anime and not reading the Manga at all (Why may I ask ?) then….err…..wrong blog ?

Damn you Sasuke ! YES DAMN YOU !

To hell with it ! Danzo Shimura is dead okay . Yes he is dead…6 feets under being eaten by worms . Well as far as the anime and the manga goes . Danzo is dead .

And now Kabuto is spilling his guts , and Danzo is dead and there are all these new questions that pop out of nowhere . And all the assholes who have the answers are DEAD!!!

Danzo is dead , Orochimaru is sealed away , the 4th is dead , the 3rd is dead and countless others who have answers are all MUTE .

Why I’m yelling at Sasuke for ? Well , he is the one who rushed in to avenge Itachi and kinda cornered Danzo who decided to take the two (Sasuke , Tobi) down by going Kamikaze hence he Prout DIE……

And Kabuto didn’t bring him back when he used his summon-Edo-Tensei . Either he doesn’t feel like that old man hold any truth useful for him , or he doesn’t have any of his DNA to bring him back .

So yeah , I’m mad at Sasuke . I never though this old geezer (Danzo) had any real importance . Yes he kinda made Pein and Itachi and Shisui and what not by his actions . But once he died , all the actions turned on Sasuke and Tobi . And Danzo quickly (weirdly) become…..Danzo who ?!?

At least that’s how I feel . I mean , really you recall this guy as a key player ??? How ?

Yes he is a guilty party in the Uchiha massacre . And there are many things we still don’t know about what really happen .

But since he was radicale and never reached his goal which was to be Hokage of Konoha . I really dismissed him since he failed in the end even though he sacrified alot of peoples for his goal .

Tobi who did the same and sacrified lot of peoples (esp. the akatsuki’s members) but unlike Danzo he still in the run and may still reach his goal . And Orochimaru even thought he is out of the game for a long time now , because of Kabuto he is still an active player even if his real body isn’t around to laugh at us . Kabuto is following watever foot print Orochimaru left and walking straight ahead without looking back once .

I’ll be honest , I really DON’T LIKE Danzo Shimura . I actually hate the guy with a burning fire that could be confused with the Will of Fire .

I mean really , and hence when Kabuto started spilling his gut I knew Orochimaru would be in the flashback . But I’m kinda dissapointed to see Danzo name show up .

Now one would say ‘ why would you believe what Kabuto is thinking anyway ‘ . Why are you reading the Manga for dude ?  is my reply .

Now the next question is ‘Why would we believe Orochimaru ‘ . Because from the flashback , we know he wanted Kabuto as soon as he spotted him as a kid . (pervert!)

But Danzo is different . Danzo wanted to take over Konoha by using members of Root to do his bidding . Stabbing and stealing and spying in the shadow , while slowly he inch his way to the chair of Hokage .

Orochimaru didn’t care for Konoha . Well he did once upon a time when he was a kid and some humanity was left inside of him . With age come sociopathy that took ROOT in him , hence probably why he was one of the rare member of ROOT to ever complain about ROOT teaching (aka losing your emotions and stuff) .

But Danzo wanted to use anyone he could for the sake of his goal . He claim it’s for Konoha . But if he is thinking of the way of the roman . And César is ROME , Danzo is Konoha .If you help Danzo you are helping Konoha .  Then dear Danzo , you are not Konoha and you do not know what being a Hokage is all about .

I think the guy missed a class or something . Because you can reason and justify this way of thinking all you want . It’s in the end still wrong you know .

To call killing peoples a necessary sacrifices is simply murder . And to send peoples to the slaughter as soon as they have no use or you think they are dangerous . That’s Paranoia !!! look it up ! it can be controlled by medication Geez….

Those who share Danzo view , usually are afraid for their little person . Watch how Danzo started running when he was cornered like a dog . Watch how the 3rd stood his ground to the end !!!!

Watch how Danzo when questioned about his action he start babbeling and preaching to Sasuke about not understanding Itachi sacrifice .  Yet he never answer the question , I wonder why .

 Lending others powers . Ha ! And that’s coming from someone who STOLE powers twice HA!

No really , you gonna tell me he is RIGHT ? His actions is what brought about Pein fury Goddamit ! His actions ALONE are what made Pein , what forced a genocide of Hanzo (not that I have any sympathie for mister mask number 2) but his actions created Pein . So what give ???

He himself stole power that wasn’t his . That mark him as a weakling . Second , he lied and betrayed one of his oldest friend Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) . That mark him as trash , and trash like him shouldn’t be put in a position of power or speak and preach to others . When them , themself have dirty hands .

But back to the last chapter . With the flashback from Kabuto we learn that Danzo was behind the loss Kabuto suffured .

 Not really .

See if I wanted to know (which a tiny part of me want to) , but a BIGGER part of me don’t wanna know . Because with knowing come probably a sob story which will make me tiny sympathic and Kabuto is the ennemy !

I don’t want to feel sympathie for him !!! He stood there and probably helped Orochimaru gather peoples to experiment on . You wanna have sympathie for that ???

But I guess for the sake of sanity  we still will know what happen ….

So in short , Root leader Danzo decided that Kabuto was too good at spying . And become a threath . So they use a trick of brainwashing his mother by creating a new kabuto for her , and send her to kill someone else (who is actually the real kabuto) . Then tadam Orochimaru show up….blahblah spill it all , give him the devil deal and BAM . We are back to… to stop the Edo-Tensei ???

Or are we gonna go trough more flashback ?

You know what bother me in the flashback above ? Two things actually :

1- We can’t say for 100% sure that what Orochimaru say is true . cose they are Kabuto memory and we only have one side of the story .

2- If it’s true , doesn’t that kinda annoy you that Danzo was bitter thinking Itachi told Sasuke everything . Yet if what Orochimaru say is true . Danzo would have gone and babbeled everything to Kabuto Mother . That’s Hypocrite !!!!! LAME!!!

Add to that , it does sound like almost the truth . But we gotta remember that the one talking is Orochimaru . And he is the king of manipulation . And he wanted kabuto , and when he want something he will lie and do anything to get it . Hence why…….take it with a bit of salt .

Also , one part where he say that Kabuto have left the Orphanage so to get money in exchange of working for ROOT . and it make it as Kabuto sacrifying himself and trying to make a Bond . It give us (if it is true) a profile of Danzo . That he is a man who like this kind of peoples , easy to use and destroy as he see fit .

And the part where he say to the Mother that Kabuto was a double-agent and she gotta kill him (not knowing it’s Kabuto) . That tell me , it’s very similar to Itachi situation being a double-agent and wiping his clan in one night . Coincidence ? I don’t think so…

Danzo is GUILTY at least of betraying the 3rd Hokage Sarutobi .  That alone make me wanna cheer for a re-match Sasuke vs Danzo , just to see him being squached again and again…

So either he lost his limbs…..hence why he say ‘I’m collecting a bit of everything ‘ . Or well , actually I don’t buy it .

Orochimaru know who he is . What he want to know is the WHY he exist or if there is like a path pre-destined for everyone…or is it us who choose what path we walk .

His goal actually changed with each episodes . I recall his first goal was collecting all knowledge , comparing Jutsu and seals as colors and combining them to get a new color . And when one would have aquired all the colors possible , that being can be called the supreme being of all .

Then his goal was immortality , then it was taking over the world , then it was about reincarnation and what not .

In the end of his day just before he get beaten by  a kid , we are still confused ! WHAT’S HIS FUCKING GOAL ALREADY ???

I know it’s all the aboves probably , cose Orochimaru is a snake and he may look slim and thin but his eyes are bigger then his stomach .  He wanted everything and everyone that had what he wanted or may amuse him for a time .

Nice Move , nice way to go Orochimaru .

That ‘I will protect you from Danzo’ is a way to say ‘I will keep you from knowing the truth by saying Danzo would kill you if i weren’t there to protect you . Hence why I’m keeping you away from him ‘ .

Hello Manipulation !

I can’t believe Kabuto remember this shit and someone outta there exept ME to go all Awwww . Sorry , but if I were in Kabuto shoes , especially that he isn’t stupid . I would run the other direction , not take this THING hand and walk with him .

I mean , if Kabuto was that good at spying and was smart enough to know that he was spying and know that spying may also include murdering for the sake of a mission . You gonna tell me , he is just a kid he didn’t know better hence why he believed Orochimaru ?

But what about later , he didn’t stay a kid all his life . He traveled all over the place to get informations . And he had maintes chances to go to Konoha and ask Danzo directly the truth .

So my question is why . Why didn’t he investigate whatever Orochimaru told him ?

He did investigate Kimimaro in hope of healing him (Thought I do doubt that he did) , yet…he couldn’t investigate his own past ? Where he came from before Nonou (or Mother) ?

So that’s the answer ? You don’t like who you are turn to Botox ?

What happen to….Therapy ? singing Kumbaya ? smoking the Pipe of Peace around a fire ? Dansing to bring the rain ?? Doing Meditation maybe ??

So drugs is the answer ????

Poor Kabuto . Oh hell……It’s SAD . But it doesn’t Jutsify what he is doing or what about to do in the real world . His war , his edo-tensei puppets . All the peoples he killed just to summon the troops of Edo-tensei . And let’s not forget all those he killed before and after joining with Orochimaru .

So I finish this by saying….get ON WITH THE STORY ALREADY ! for the 100 times lol


To have Nothing

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I’m gonna review the Chapter 582 of Naruto Shippuden . The Manga , as in book and reading . So go read it if you didn’t already 🙂

Right now , Kabuto is still holding his own against Sasuke and Itachi . Thanx to Kishi who is milking this manga for all it’s worth .

I mean , yes Dragon Ball Z had long staring-in-each-other-eyes kinda of battle . But when the action finally happen they never dissapoint you !

I still recall with wonder Freeza Saga , one of the best ! (and yes I know many like Cell saga or Buu saga . I like the Freeza Saga best so there geez) .

But in Naruto , it’s another story . The fighting is filled with lot of chit-chat (it’s good to communicate but not in the middle of a freaking FIGHT!) .

And when they finally go down to fighting , it never last long enough . One of the two always run out of juice and you get The End .

Part of me doesn’t want this manga to end , it has many flaws but it’s ADDICTIVE!

So yes , even if I sound like I’m whining it’s a good whining not a bad one .  And at the same time , some mysteries in the manga I want them to be revealed ! cose it’s buggin me !

But let’s go back to the new chapter ,  Kabuto is making lot of mistakes ! lol Hell yeah !

Why ?  We know that manipulation is one of his favorite and most important skill . Yes even more important then Jutsu since he is doing alot of talking and very few attacks and they are all calculated .

Yet , he is revealing stuff about his past . Seeing how much he use manipulation , I would’ve though that revealing personal informations (or tidbit of your past ) can be harmful


I mean , we are talking about this guy who claim that he had to erase himself so he could dissepear easely in a crowd and be unnoticed and spy at his heart content . Yet , he is revealing bit of his past giving us a profile !

He could of course be using the informations so the ennemy (in this case Itachi/Sasuke) either they sympathize with him and let their guards down OR to turn them and convince them to join his cause .

I personally if I was in Kabuto shoes , and claim to have reached a level of the Sage of 6 Paths . I would prove it and crush the two Brothers . Not just Brag and Brag…cose so far , we have yet to see this amazing new Dragon Power .

I understand , he isn’t batteling just anyone . Both itachi and Sasuke are a challenge on their own . But teamed like this ? he is right to be extra careful . He remind me of a chess player lol hence why he think a lot before he make his move lol

OMG! Itachi ! WTF are you thinking ? He is leaving himself OPEN to direct attack just to save Sasuke ???

Now , before Sasuke-Fan-Girls come hunting for me . I’m an Itachi-Fan !

Actually , I’m thinking he is of course protecting Sasuke . After all the sacrifice it would be stupid to let him die now right ?

And also , he doesn’t want him to use Susanoo . Probably of the risk it bring in over using that thing . But Sasuke know how to fight !

This isn’t Gohan who had a natural talent but didn’t have any desire for battle and end up squeezing out a pathethique fight…..

And yes , Gohan-fan you are welcome to the hunt too !

Itachi turning to Paper Macher ? O the wrinkles ! no worrie Itachi , we all get them sooner or later . But really , Zombie much ? lol

Kabuto , you are not in a freaking Botanist Garden . And you are certainly not surrounded by Banzai Trees !

You are in a freaking hideout-Cavern with big chunk of rock sticking from the ground and the roof . It’s a miracle , everyone found a naked spot to put their feets !

And yet , as the nerd he is . He find beauty and wonder even in a crappy surrounding ! XD Now that’s EVIL 

Sorry……Urusay Sasuke…blahblah . It was cute at first , then  sweet . Now it’s just getting repetetive . Come on Itachi , get some back bones and show us the GRRRR big Bro act .

It’s probably the best he can do , considering he see himself as a big failur . I know crazy right ?

And yet , that’s the only way I can explain the why he keep saying he is sorry . He must be racked with guilt and shame (Damn you Danzo !!!!) and Damn you Itachi’s Dad!!!

He get to suffer and self-doubt himself and be plagued by guilt and shame , while all the adults who were supposed to give guidance were all too busy waging wars and being blinded by promises and lies .

It’s a shame ! a shame on them !

The Tragic thing , is that even if Sasuke could activate his Rinnegan and offer to ressurect Itachi , Itachi would probably refuse and give him something likeI need to pay for my sins and don’t deserve a second chance .

Which just piss me off mightly . If anyone deserve a second chance at LIFE , it’s those who gave up their lifes for a noble and Good cause (aka saving LIFEs not taking LIFES) .

Like Nagato Pein said so well , you must understand someone else pain . You don’t have to agree with it though…..

From Human to Snake……and from Snake to Dragon . What come after dragon ? you regress to a Frog ??

I mean a Dragon ? I’m all for D&D and dragons and stuff . But he really doesn’t scream Roaring Dragons scary like hell . So where is the Dragon then ?

Err….really ? Itachi is becoming so preachy . Next he will have a church and a Book !

Well let’s not go there lol dangerous territory XD

But really , I know he is very wise for his age . And very smart (heck let’s call him a Genius) . And he is a pacifist . And he is preparing a unique Jutsu Izanami .

So all of this together tell me that he is either really preaching and trying to reach the human side of Kabuto (if any is left) . And he is also stalling for time for his Jutsu . Don’t think he can whip out that one out of his butt that fast lol

To be or Not To be . There is the question of the century . If you could save the world , but by doing so you will have to face corruption and even take the risk of being corrupted to your way to your goal . Will you still take the path presented to you ?

Is the end justify the mean ? Is it ok to steal and kill if it mean in the end a tyrant gonna be brought down and save countless lifes at the expanse of a minoritie ?

Well this is what Itachi is all about . Hello , were we watching the same Itachi Uchiha ?

Yet , he claim that he finally understood himself when he finally faced his true self in death . What the hell does that mean ????

Your true self ?

But he is talking about what you can do , and what you cannot do . The limit of one power or will . Because Itachi as strong as he was , his will was his greatest flaw you could say .

*GASP* How could I say that right ?

His will is what saved Konoha from an inter-war-coup-d’etat- . But at the same time , that same sacrifice is what gave Danzo a new weapons (10 sharingans) , created Peins , killed Yahiko , helped Obito , enslaved Sai and killed Shisui . And many others I’m forgetting I’m sure .

So yeah , his will is also a weakness hence why he avoided facing Sasuke so far . He is either afraid or watver…

I cannot see him scared shittless , but deeply wounded yes . Deeply ashamed yes . But fear nope . Maybe fear of not being forgiven . Since he accept Sasuke hating him . But even if Sasuke hate him , there is still a bond between them that never broke .

And that bond may just be their salvation in the end . Because where there is a bond , there are emotions attached . And when there are emotions be them good(love) or bad (hate) , you have hope and deseperation .

Meaning the end may still surprise us , since emotions are involved and the tips of the sword can be tipped in both direction . We just don’t know which direction it gonna be…

Argh…Itachi….contamination…I’m preaching just like him lol

LOSER? Who you calling a Loser you M****************!

Well , no dear Kabuto . Aknowledging what you can do and cannot do mean knowing your limit and learning of your own weakness  . Knowing this , also open you to how to make yourself a better person . Really , it’s all in the daily Dalai-Lama go read it !

Knowing one weakness , mean knowing one limit and one strenght . Right now Kabuto is seeing himself as indefeatable and that’s baaaaaaaaaaaadddddddd m’okay ?

But hey , it’s still a accomplishement so far to have snuk under Tobi radar and not being killed even after the loss of his master Orochimaru . So yeah , let’s not ignore what he was able to do……trough clenched theeths !

Dear….Oh my ! Does she look like a sister or what ?

Well she is wearing the clothes of a Nun (or a medic) . But she look like a twin of Kabuto . It’s amazing all these flashbacks , all peoples in them are totally blind !

He could easely been her son ! And without her glasses , I find that she look alot like Gaara’s Mother .

No kidding ? I always though Kabuto could’ve been a name for a spice . Why not ? the one from Dragon Ball Z had food names ! 😉

But it fit him , since a helmet do represent one Title and position in a society . And also is used to shield and protect , what better name he could’ have had ?

At least he is not a weasel……………………

So did Haku , Nagato , Ranmaru , Ukimaro , Kimimaro and countless others . And they all did the same thing as YOU ! go evil and let Tobi manipulate them ! OHHHHHH I hope when he get it , he get it GOOD! That masked Bastard gotta pay for all the suffering and manipulating he has done ! 

So hum….don’t go drama queen here , we know the script by heart now lol

Indeed , it’s HIS truth and HIS pain . So how truthful is this truth of his ? Is he Justified to do what he is doing ?

How can you measure your own pain and the pain you will cause because of your own griefs ?

Which pain is more worthy to be noticed .

Maybe next chapter will answer some questions and if not , at least get on with the freaking story !

Well I can easely see you lose . I admit , I couldn’t see Orochimaru lose because of his sociopathic-no-fear-crazy attitude .

But we were shown that he can maybe not die , but we can lock him up and throw the key (which Itachi just did that ) .

Yet Kabuto doesn’t foresee a plan where he lose . Of course , he doesn’t have the Sharingan so his seer powers are Zero . But he can read peoples and think ahead many steps (kinda like Shikamaru only evil) .

I hope for the sake of entraitainement he did run a make-belief scenario where he actually LOSE . otherwise , he is so screw up !

If you run a scenario where you can lose , you uncover mistake that may happen during a futur battle .

It’s like with Neji Hyuuga , he knew his weakness which helped him and saved his life (the knowledge) against the Sound 5 .

If he went all arrogant and ignored his own weakness and didn’t take advantage of it , he would’ve ended as Spider meat !

And yet , when he said he couldn’t see himself losing . I couldn’t help but think of Orochimaru . Orochimaru was too self-absorbed and him too couldn’t forsee (or maybe refused to) that Sasuke would turn on him or even kill him .

Oh he knew of Sasuke turning on him , but was he that 100% sure ? I still recall his deseperation when Sasuke will took over him and he got absorbed instead of Absorbing ! (such a dissapointement) .

I didn’t want Sasuke to die O Sasuke-Fan , but I wanted a freaking FAIR fight . Not this…..charade . Who knows , maybe Orochimaru will come back . After all he is not dead , just sealed with Nagato in a sword….

A sword that Itachi in his Edo-state still has and used already once .

Can you imagine , Kabuto snatch the sword in the middle of Izanami ? And break it , and POUF Orochimaru and Nagato come out . Then we will have Itachi+Sasuke+Nagato VS Kabuto+ Orochimaru ! Wahhhhh that would be awesome !

So your thoughs…………………………..

6th Coffin

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Just who the hell is in that 6th coffin ?!?!

When Kabuto approched Madara he came prepared . He showed him what he could do and what he had to offer . And since he isn’t stupid , he knew there was a chance that Madara may attack him . So he came with a secret card in the form of a coffin with inside somoene that Madara feared .

Even if he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who ‘fear’ anything , this mysterious sleeping beauty inside the coffin , made Madara pose and accept Kabuto in his organization .

So who the hell is it ?!?! is it a Somoene or a something ?

Here are the ‘potential’ condidate for the 6th coffin :

Harishama Senju . He could be in the 6th coffin .

Why ?

1- He is the only one know for defeating Madara , not once but twice .

2- Madara claim to have the greatest of respect for him but  he also  hate this guy just the same .

3- He also cannot be in the coffin for this simple reason :  Madara is shown to have used Harishama DNA for the Zetsu , and has his body . If so , then :

* He already know how to defeat Harishama therefor he isn’t a threath to him , and the being in the coffin IS a threath to Madara .

* If he has his body , there is a chance Kabuto doesn’t have his DNA . And without that he cannot bring him back . (unless Danzo shared the DNA he got before Madara took the body but I doubt it ) .

Uzumaki Mito .

The 1st Hokage wife , also the 1st Host of the Nine-Tails Kyuubi .

Why ? if Madara believe Naruto a threath and left him last to be captured . Just guess how much power she must had .

And Madara seem to know about her and her *power* (when he point out that Naruto could see the evil inside peoples just like she did ) . That mean she must had the same transformation like Naruto did . And if Naruto is strong so she must have been .


Sage of 6 Paths .


Well because he is the freaking creator of all shinobi . He is like a G-od . He *made* the Ten-Tails and put it inside himself , then he took controle over the beast and was able to live a long time without any bug 😛

But , yes there is a BUT . If it was truly him , then Kabuto wouldn’t have a *need* to do research on him , right ?

I mean if he has the DNA to bring this guy back from the dead . Why do research on him ? cose if you recall when he will ask for Sasuke in exchange for his help . He claim he need him for his research on the Sage of 6 Paths .


  The Ancestors!

No , he won’t bring back Madara since he isn’t dead . But maybe the person in the last coffin is one of their ancestor .

If Kabuto bring back the grand Pa of Harishama . That would mean he will bring back the guy who fought the Grand Pa of Madara . And I’m sure if something like that happen , the guy who’s answer was ‘love’ will certainly try to stop Madara and not join him .

As for if he bring back Grand pa Madara ? That would be tricky . Grand Pa of Madara would probably likely to side with his descendant . Unless Kabuto has totale controle of him , then yes . He would become a great threath for Madara who isn’t younger anymore and doesn’t have the power he had before .


Minato , also known as the 4th Hokage . Father of Naruto and husband to Kushina Uzumaki .


He is the 2nd man , know to be able to best Madara in battle . From Kushina flashback , he fought Madara the night Naruto was born . He was not only able to steal the Nine-Tails back from him before he went on a rampage . But he also was able to wound him with a Rasengan . I tell you , if this guy survived there won’t be a war at all !!

Those are the peoples I *think* maybe inside the 6th coffin . Of course , there are many other theory outta there . Everyone has an opinion and this is mine .

Know that I maybe wrong in this but so  are you , none know WHO is in the freaking coffin . We will know sooner or later , but meanwhile we can still guess 🙂

There are also *funny* theory as to Who is in the coffin  , like these two pictures . I let them speak for themself 😀


And now , WHO aren’t at 100% in the coffin but we WISH they were !!

                                        – He isn’t in the coffin , but I wish he was HAHAHA , just seeing the look on Madara face it would be priceless –

                                             Darth Vader – He isn’t but I bet many though of it 😉 –

                                              – Kreia – Kotor 2 – She would probably use him (Madara) then dump him like she did with Sion and Nihilus –

                        -Nemesis Resident Evil – He will need to add ‘Madara’ to his list of target since he is programmed to kill only members of S.T.A.R.S.

                      -Sephiroth – Do I have to say anything about this guy ? like Darth Vader , he would probably slash Madara to little pieces before going on the hunt for Clouuuuuuud .

                                     – Saddam from South Park- He will probably drive Madara crazy lol

                          – Broly from DBZ- He will probably scream ‘KAKAROT’ , kill , pound and squach Madara before he will notice that it isn’t Kakarot lol –

                       – Alien Queen – Maybe Kabuto found one and want to unleash her on Madara lol watch out for those theeths !-

And so the question remain unanswered , WHO do YOU think is in the 6th coffin ? and most important is WHY .




Orochimaru are thou there ?

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No , I know he isn’t coming back probably . Since he was the vilain of the 1st part of Naruto and now that we have Madara , we should be joyful since he seem to be stronger and more nastier then his predecessor , right ?

Wrong ! well wrong for ME . I hate Madara argh ! he is pampous , arrogant , blood thirsty and his damn plan is dumb . Making everyone a zombie , so he can become king of the brainless . Hail to the dead !

I’m not saying that Orochimaru is a saint , but at least Orochimaru was GOOD then he become bad . Madara on the other hand , from the few flashback of his past we saw , it tell us the guy enjoyed fighting and that it is something in his blood . So much for his *respect* for the 1st Hokage .  Stealing DNA , manipulating gene to make Zetsu the Aloé-Vera plant …just ewwww .

Well , ok Orochimaru wasn’t any better when it came to house of horrors . But at least , he could give us some laugh . No really !

He wasn’t funny , but he was cool in his sociopathic way . Maybe I just like that kind of evil , you know strong on the manipulative side but weak on fire power .

All of this to say that I wish they would bring back Orochimaru . Just imagining what trouble he could cause Madara make me grin 😀

But the other day I was playing Sword Craft 2 on the GBA and I saw this guy , no really . You gotta see it lol He look just like Orochimaru lol here , I took a couples of screenshots . More accuratly , I say he would look like Orochimaru if Orochimaru had the same tone of skin and brown eyes/hair . But they have the same built and same looking hair and lenght .

When you meet him the 1st time….

And later after doing a quick quest….

Best of DBZ – Bruce Faulconer

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For all of you who watched the DBZ with Bruce Faulconer soundtrack . Didn’t you once wish you had all the freaking soundtrack ? from Frieza theme , to piccolo theme to cell or Boo ?

Well guess what ? I know this has nothing to do with Naruto , this blog is about Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden . But finding all the soundtrack of DBZ done by Bruce Faulconer , hell I couldn’t just keep this to myself and I had to share them with you 😀

Shadowboy17 , used his MediaFire account to host all the albums of DBZ ‘Best of’ done by Bruce Faulconer . You can see the whole thing here . Just type dbz Best of on the search bar (on your left) and it will show you all the album , ready for download . Each file weight 83MB , remember to scan them (just in case) .

For the curious you can also take a look at his collections of soundtrack , he has alot and must taken him  a long time  . (if you have a Mediafire account , remember to go thank him :))

The 1st album , weight 78,3Mo . It has all of these soundtracks :

1-Dragon Ball Z

2- Call out the Dragon

3- Futur Trunk

4- Gohan fight Frieza

5- The Makyo Star

6- Garlic Jr. Theme

7- King Cold

8- Frieza’s Revival

9- Heroic Trunks

10- Android 16

11- Perfect Cell Run

12- The Howling

13- Androids 17 & 18

14- Destruction

15- Gohan & Icarus

16- The Cell Games

17- 16 Rips off Cell’s tail

18- Vegeta’s Theme

19- Vegeta Power up

20- Vegeta Super-Saiyan

21- The Dragon Theme

22- Hyperbolic Time chamber

23- Goku’s Spirit Bomb

24- Super Namek

25- Pikkon Theme

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 2 , this album weight 83,2Mo . It contain the following soundtracks :

1- Hyperbolic Time Chamber

2- Goku and Gohan Train

3- Goku and Kai face off

4- Cell and Piccolo face off

5- Piccolo angry

6- Piccolo and 17 Talk

7- Piccolo vs 17

8- Androids steal truck

9- Groovy Discotech

10- Cell at Ball Club

11- Cell at Carnival

12- Weird Circus

13- Electronic Circus

14- Cell contact Goku

15- Imperfect Cell Theme

16- Cell is dead

17- Cell power up

18- Demon Mist

19- Dead Zone

20- Frieza vs Spirit Bomb Part 1

21- Frieza  vs Spirit Bomb Part 2

22- Frieza’s Death

23- Earth Music

24- Ginyu Transformation

25- SSJ Transformation (SSJ= Super Saiyan)

26- Space Room

27- Mysterious Person

28- Supreme Kai’s Theme

29- Goku and Gohan in Time Chamber

30- Goku Battles 19

31- Goku Recover

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 3 , this album weight 86,2 Mo and it has all of these soundtracks :

1- Wrestling Rock with Lead

2- Frieza Base

3- Trunks Appears

4- Trunks Power Up

5- Perfect Cell Theme

6- Droids Vs Bikers

7- Yamcha Meets Droids

8- Country Store

9- Grand Kai Blues

10- Grand Kai Rocks

11- Ox King Consoles

12- Truckin’2

13- Underwater

14- Kame sad

15- Kame Though

16- Aristocratic British

17- Aerobis

18- Sage Music

19- Gohan Angers 2

20- Gohan Angers

21- Cell Juniors Theme

22- Vegeta Knows his son

23- Gohan on film

24- Goku Dies

25- Long Flashback

26- Gohan Power Up

27- Mushroom March

28- Flight Training

29- Trunks and Gotens

30- Videl get Hits

31- Videl Gets up

32- Mysterious B

33- Videl Plummets

34- Trunks and Goten Spare

35- 18 and Mighty Mask Stand off

36- Doubler’s Prelude

37- Gohan vs Doubler

38- Gohan vs Doubler II

39- Vegeta’s Red Power

40- Pre-Boo

You can download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 4 , this album weight 85,2Mo and contain these soundtracks :

1- Frieza Transforms

2- Planet Namek Destruction

3- Energy Disc Music

4- Frieza Begs

5- Android 20 destroy City

6- 19 Almost kill Goku

7- Eerie

8- Cell Theme (with Choir)

9- Cell & Piccolo Fights

10- Cell Transforms

11- 16 and the Squirrels

12- King Kai

13- King Kai’s Die

14- Snake Way

15- Kame’s Tale

16- Cell Returns

17- New Earth Music

18- Wimps get wacked

19- Goten’s lizard

20- Nail’s Gift

21- trunks win

22- Pui Pui Fight Vegeta

23- Pui Pui Struggle

24- Room Music

25- Yucon Suck

26- Goku & Kai Standoff

27- Relief Rock

28- Satan give speech

29- Goku vs Vegeta

30- Trunks Jump In

31- Boys put to sleep

32- Turbulence

33- SSJ3 Power Up

34- Tourney Talk

35- Kid Buu is waiting

36- Kid Buu Fighting

37- Pan’s Song

38- Uub in the Tournament

39- DBZ Finale

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 5 , this album weight 104Mo and contain the following soundtracks :

1- Goku vs Jeice & Burta

2- Guru’s Theme

3- Ginyu Force Theme

4- Piccolo and Nail Fuse

5- Goku’s Nightmares

6- Say Goodbye to Namek

7- Mr. Shu’s  Lesson

8- Mr. Shu’s S&M Class

9- Cops Arriving

10- Blowing up the Lab

11- Goku’s Dream

12- Heaven Sent Trunk

13- Bulma’s Car-20 Escape

14- Episodic Trunk

15- Krillin and Trunk Arrive

16- Tournament March

17- Jazzy Tunes

18- Goku Volunteers  Gohan

19- King Yemma

20- Pterodctyl Attack

21- Gohan and Greasers

22- Chi Chi and Videl

23- Gohan Ruins the Shot

24- Brass Fanfare

25- Briefs 2

26- hercule’s Orchestra

27- Face-Off

28- Briefs 3

29- 18 Make a Deal

30- Doubler does Kabito

31- Yacon Blow

32- Shin Panics

33- Turned to Stone 2

34- Full Power

35- Vegeta Stops

36- Vegeta Fools Goku

37- Boys Flying

38- Gotenks is Born

39- Gohan Approaches

40- Intro to Final and Closing Music

Download this album here .

Best of DBZ Vol 6 , this album weight 117,41MB and contain the following soundtracks :

1- Cell Yells

2- Cell Slow Theme

3- Cell Kill man

4- Cell Destroy Island

5- Gohan vs Cell

6- Cell Kills Gunman

7- it’s up to Dende

8- Vegeta Snooze

9- Race and Crash

10- Fight Hits

11- Vegeta Vision

12- Vegeta in Space

13- Vegeta Fight Frieza

14- Goku and Shenron

15- Piccolo vs Frieza

16- Bulma and the Frog

17- Bulma and Bubbles

18- Farm Destruction

19- Garlic Transformation

20- Crazy Fight

21- Finding the Capsule

22- Boogieman

23- Gohan meet Mr.Shu

24- Gohan and Chi Chi Argue

25- Chi Chi Mission

26- Industrial

27- Goku is Falling

28- Krillin Power Up

29- Goku vs Caterpillar

30- Maron Leaves

31- Holy Water

32- Gohan SSJ

33- Gohan’s Sack

34- Gohan hit Tree

35- Trunk Tells his Story

36- Trunks Power Up

37- Power Music

38- Korin’s Dinner

39- Hell Theme

40- Sharpner Run

41- Healing

42- Group Watche

43- Hercule in Night Club

44- Trunks Hits Hercule

45- Trunks Take Mask

46- Majins Absorb Gohan

47- Flute and Strings

48- MM Splits

49- Hercule Arrive

50- Hercule Talk with Trunks

51- Cake Factory

52- Z-Fighters Pathéthique

Download this album here .

Buu Sagas Soundtrack , the album weight 80,19MB and you can download this album here .

Best of Trunks Compendium album , the file weight 64,6MB and you can Download here .

The Androids Saga , the album weight 57,73Mb and you can Download it here .

I believe these are all the albums , if I missed one let me know . Also , remember to scan them !

Have fun downloading them ! 😉

One Last thing , if any link above don’t work /or send you to the same file let me know in a comment and I will fix it as soon as I can . And don’t comment that X song should be called Y instead of X and that W theme belong to A . Because I didn’t upload them , so I’m aware some songs definitly were wrongly named but what can you do ?

All the above links have a new home !

I re-uploaded them all once Matthew told me that Vol 4 and Vol5 were out , btw thanx !

You can access them all here .

If the links are dead , and since MegauPload is gone bye bye , I will upload them on request only . Leave a comment below , and tell me which album you want and I will re-upload them as needed .

Manga Chapter 508

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Oh why ? why does the creator of Naruto enjoy so much twisting things and drive us mad ?!?!?

No really ?

Every time I watch an episode , as I’m about to click on the play button I fear that the episode gonna turn out so bad that Naruto Shippuden will become like Dragon Ball GT .

Chapter 508 of Naruto Shippuden was highly expected and yet again it found a way to be only dissapointing .

How you may ask , well for starter the previous chapters hinted at an incoming battle between a membre of the Akatsuki and a shinobi from the Leaf .

We met this guy back in Naruto , and even if he was just a sidekick at the beginning since the author of Naruto was focusing on Sasuke and Itachi mostly he managed to make him something later .

The fish face guy like , called Kisame hinted in the manga that he possessed almost as much Shakra as Naruto and without having a kyubi of his own .

So you can guess that alone , make you want to see an episode of him fighting something of his own strength or at least close to . Naruto would have been the best to face him in my opinion , but it wasn’t mean to be .

The author instead made him face Guy , the sensei of Neji , Tenten and Lee .

And yet , he found a way to make such a good episode into a bad one .

I will assume that you read the chapter I’m reviewing , because if you didn’t then I may just spoil it for you . So go read it !

Kisame die .

There it was said , the one that I hoped see an awesome battle from end up doing the Hara-kiri on us . What the hell is he thinking ???

That’s what I’m afraid of , he is killing off members of the Akatsuki one by one and giving us nothing to chew on !

So all is left is to wonder as to why he is doing that .

Why kill all members of the Akatsuki and yet say that Madara need new peoples to manipulate ? It just doesn’t make sense .

Unless he plan on making new peoples from scratch and make them join the Akatsuki ? that’s a possibility but then again what kind of powers do they have ? or are they just gonna be a copy- of the olds members but with new faces ?

Because the author has a tendencie to copy from previous creations he made . For exemple the story of Haku having a sorry past and the pain and all that was copied later for many opponent .

And then there is Kabuto , yes what about him ?

They are stalling , that’s what I think . Giving us one episode at a time while we suffer and wonder what’s going on to happen next .

Since Naruto has a lot in commun with DBZ , I think that’s why I assumed that there will be a lot of battle and that it will be also the main focus of the author .

Cose for those who watched DB/DBZ , you know that it was all about fighting . Sayain against evil being like Freezer and Cell and in the end , we know that the good win always .

But with Naruto it seem so different , like we might never get the happy ending . I mean , it is possible that the author will screw us on that one and we end up crying cose it wasn’t what we wanted to see .

And that make me think , that maybe the author doesn’t know how to draw fights scene or maybe Naruto isn’t about fighting but more about preaching and flashback ?

I don’t know , but if anyone know I would like to hear it .

Meanwhile , I give you this sublime wallpaper of Kisame so well done it look real….

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