Who’s the Masked Man ? Parody!

Reporter : We just received incredible news today ! It seem that the evil boss of Naruto Shippuden Madara Uchiha is after all not Madara !

The real Madara showed up on the battelfield , which make us wonder but WHO IS THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK ????

Reporter : And so we decided here in the United State to ask around some peoples of Naruto world , who they think it is behind the mask and how they feel about these turns of events . Hopefully , there would be no static and we will be able to contact them from here……….ok , I think I got someone online ……..
(Bzzzz……………..*static*….(Voice: can you hear me ?) ……
Reporter : Hatake Kakashi ? can you hear me ? do you receive me………?
Kakashi : Yeah , I hear you loud and clear !
Reporter : What do you make of the recents turn of events Hatake Kakashi ? here in the United State , places like Facebook and Myspace have been buzzing with the news . I can imagine just how the peoples of Konoha must feel……can you tell us what you think of all of this ?
Kakashi : I’m glad you asked…….I have been meaning to do this for a long time now…..
Kakashi : Thank you for this opportunitie to remind my beautiful reader , that Hatake Kakashi is Single and……LOOKING !
Kakashi : I Love kids ! I’m really good with them , ask around ! My two best pupils play a big role in a Japanese Manga !
Kakashi : And I really know how to handle them ! some say I’m a natural a this ^_^
Kakashi : I also love to cook ! I would cook you the most delicious stuff ladies XD
Kakashi: …..And I make a good Jesus on the cross ! Great for christmas party!
Reporter : What the…? Now hold on a sec! That has nothing to do with my questions !
Kakashi : Ah…..I kinda got carried away…..gotta go….(BEEEEEEEEEP) .
Reporter : Let’s try someone else , I believe we have the Hero of Konoha online now . Uzumaki Naruto , can you hear me ?
Naruto : Yo……
Reporter : How do you feel knowing that Madara is not Madara but somebody else ? Are you afraid of the inevitable battle ? Do you fear who he maybe ? Tell us how you feel about all of this ….
Naruto: I’m really glad you asked you know , after all I’m named after the book .
Naruto: How do I feel ? hummm…..how do I feel ?
Naruto: How can YOU ASK ME THAT WHEN SASUKE IS STILL MISSING ?!!!!!!!???!??!?
Naruto: I think and worry so much about him that I’m starting to question my sexuality !
Naruto: Do you know how much we went trough me and him ?????
****************** BEGIN FLASHBACK***************************
Naruto to Sasuke : Come on , Sakura will never notice if we sneak in while she is taking a shower !
Sasuke : I think you have something on your shirt…..Naruto .
*****************END FLASHBACK**************************
Reporter: OH for God Sake!………..
Naruto: I looked for him EVERYWHERE !
Naruto: Even in places I’m not allowed….ARGH!
Naruto: Ow…..and Sakura is even more Brutale then ever and she beat me every time I fail to bring him back , the bitche !
Naruto: N-n-nothing Sakura-chan , really….n-nothing at all !
Naruto: of course there are some adventage of Sasuke not being around;)
Reporter : Dear lord , that’s too much informations…..
Naruto: It’s ALL Orochimaru Fault anyway ! If he didn’t seduce Sasuke with his power , Sasuke would have never left and kept training with Me!
Reporter: Orochimaru ? no..no , we want to know about Madara ! You hear Madara , not any of your nonsense ! Tell us about Madara Uchiha !
Sakura : Were you talking about Sasuke-Kun behind my BACK ????

Naruto: S-S-s-s-aku…r..rr….ra…c..c..chan………….


Reporter: Sigh…let’s see who else we have online……

******DRAMATIC MUSIC START PLAYING****************
Orochimaru : I couldn’t help but hear my name used , so I invited myself…you don’t mind ….I hope?
Reporter: What the hell ? You aren’t even in the manga anymore . What are you doing here ?
Orochimaru: Oh you know , just hanging around…seeing how thing unfold……
Reporter: I’m probably gonna regret this , but you do know that you look alot like somebody that is called the King of Pop and which name I will not say because of President Obama . ???
Group of kids : OMG! It’s Michael JACKSON! RUN! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!
FBI AGents: Michael Jackson you are under Arrest ! we got you scum !
Orochimaru : *sad* nobody love me…..:(
***************BEGIN FLASHBACK***********************
Tsunade : Orochimaru , I said NO !
*****************END FLASHBACK*************************
Kabuto: I love you Orochimaru-sama……
Reporter : ok , that’s enough creepyness ! Let’s see if we have anyone ELSE and hopefully SANE online now . Let’s try the Uchiha house……wait….yes..it’s connecting….
Reporter: Hello ? Sasuke ? can you hear me ? we  are LIVE now…
Sasuke: STOP READING MY E-MAILS ITACHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reporter: do you hear me , Sasuke….?
Itachi: I do not read your emails , Sasuke….
Sasuke: yeah right , where were you anyway ?
Itachi: I want you to meet someone very dear to me Sasuke…
Sasuke (Thoughts) : someone dear to him ?!?!? O_O
Sasuke(Trying to be cool) : Oh yeah…who ?
Reporter : hum……………….
Sasuke: Is that……the someone ?
Itachi: Yeah…..
Haku: teehee , I’m itachi Boyfriend Haku . He told me alot about you Sasuke-kun !
Sasuke: Itachi new Boy………………….
Itachi: It’s great huh ! Now we can be a family ! All three of us !
Itachi : Now don’t worry , we have plenty of space . And your room can be next to ours . So we can talk with codes trough the wall .
Sasuke : Why do you always do this to me ! WHY!
Reporter: poor kid…..he really should get out more often . As for our question , I guess we have yet to find someone who is able to focuse on the question for a few second…wait…I’m receving a call…..hello ?
Jesus : yeah this is Jesus….
Reporter : Jesus ?!?! WTF ???
Jesus : I bother to call you and all I get is a WTF ?
Reporter: I’m sorry but I wasn’t expecting YOU of all peoples to show up tonight…
Jesus : I get that alot . Look , it is about this show of yours , you really should change it to something else…with cheering audiance or something .
Reporter : Well today didn’t go as planned , but what did you have in mind ?
Jesus : well I’ve seen the kind of folk that come to your show , and they all seem to be in dire need of therapy . So you need to harness that !
Reporter: why…that’s a good idea! but what would it be called ?
Jesus : hum let’s see……..Oprah..no already taken . Dr. Phil ? he isn’t bald for that . What’s your name btw ?
Reporter : My name ? I’m Jerry your host of tonight .
Jesus : Perfect ! From now on your show will be Jerry Springer Show !
**********Read before Commenting!!*****************
ALL the Pictures in this parody belong to their rightful owner (meaning not me Duh!) .
If any picture from above belong to you and you want it removed , contact me and I will remove it . But it will screw up the Parody! So have MERCY!!!!!! XD
The picture of the pointing kids was found on the web , if those are your kids (tell them it’s rude to point a finger at somoene unless the house is on fire ) .
The Michael Jackson was just that a joke . I do not pretend knowing if he was guilty/not guilty . I will always respect the artist he was , and will love the music he made and left us . As for what he did or did not do…..watever his deed , he is now gone . I have no view on the matter , suffice that haters of MJ their comments will be removed if I find them offencive . And those who love MJ don’t hate me , this is just for fun !
The United State and Obama were used just as a reference (that include Jesus and Jerry springer) 😛
I doubt Jerry has any contact with Jesus , and as for Obama he is the president now . If it was Bush I would have put Bush and so on….
The two agents were from South Park 🙂
Sasuke is not in Love with Naruto and Vise versa .
Itachi isn’t gay or has Haku as his bf 😛
Kakashi is single but I dunno if he is looking lol
And Naruto is madly in love with Sakura so he wouldn’t call her a ‘bitche’ but he did call her ‘Busue’ once which mean ‘ugly’ I think . But that was cose he was half asleep and barely awake lol .
Kabuto and Orochimaru…well that was just me having fun XD
I still like Orochimaru over who ever is the masked guy !
Oh and the reporter is someone from South Park I believe , but have no idea who it is…..
And there is nothing wrong with two guys in love or two gals in love . Just saying…..
Now you can comment away , please keep the above in your mind .
Remember , this was made for FUN!
Sense of Humour required !

5 Responses to “Who’s the Masked Man ? Parody!”

  1. What the fuck???!!!!???

  2. Excellent post at Who’s the Masked Man ? Parody! Naruto's Realm. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  3. Hahah i loved it ❤

  4. Damen Mopan Says:

    what the fuck did i just read?

    • well apparently YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ! but hey , don’t worry . You will one day , when your skull get cold and notice you left your brain turned off . Maybe it’s time to turn it on ?

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