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Sakura and Sasuke

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ok , here is a question for you : Do you think Sasuke and Sakura make the perfect match ?

If you were thinking ”No” , then move on . I found some wallpapers for those who believe strongly that these two are made for each others  (and hope like hell they will get a happy ending 😉 ) .

 In my opinion , sure they make a good looking couple (their kids would be gorgeous ) but the guy has real bad down to crazy issues . He is going on a killing spree for god sake ! 😛

Anyway , again everything is possible and you never know what the next manga chapter will bring .



Pairing Wallpapers

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I will put here , all those wallpapers that have more then one pairing and don’t go in any categorie for exemple : a wallpaper of say Kakshi with Iruka , or Sasuke with Orochimaru .

-Naruto Group-

-Team Kakashi –

-Naruto’s Forth Hokage-


-Akatsuki –

-The Uzumaki Clan-


-Sasuke / Naruto –

-Sasuke VS Itachi-

-Sasuke / Madara / Itachi –

-Naruto / Sakura –

-Father Figure –

-Naruto vs Sasuke-

-Team Kakashi –

-Akatsuki 10 Members-


-Sasuke VS Naruto –

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