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Randomness II

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Ah Naruto , well the Manga is advancing we are nearing the battle that will oppose Naruto and Sasuke .

For the Anime , well they are giving us FILLER episodes . Meaning , they are making episodes out of their asses while we not so patiently are waiting for the story to move .

Meanwhile , I was bored so I edited some pictures of Madara . I’m sure if you do a Google search you will find better , but these are mines .

I do recommend watching the episode ‘Fight Rock Lee’  cose it was a really funny one !

*text* I’m THA Man! I feel Like Batman , now where is my Mad-Mobile?

First Edit XD

2nd Edit!

And last , this Animated Picture I found while surfing . For those who are big *Fan* of Madara you gonna like this one 🙂

I didn’t make this one , but I had to share it with you cose it’s really cool 🙂

And another I found on the web lol it would explain Madara sociopathic tendancie…just a tiny bit 😛





Movie 3 Inheritors of the Will of Fire

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Naruto Movie 3 : Inheritors of The Will of Fire .

For those who watched this movie , and want to grab the soundtrack but you can’t find it anywhere (or need to register to download) . Well , calm down and take a breath . It wasn’t easy to find the whole soundtrack , every link was removed . But I found it , I will upload the file with the whole mp3 on MediaFire (because I hate megaupload) .

The file weight 51,23MB . Use Winrar/Zip to unzip/unrar . If the link die , or you want to download the file from another host then leave the host name in your comment and I see what I can do .

Download the File here

*** Also plz scan the file before opening or clicking on the mp3 , my computer is virus free and always up to date when it come to trojan and such , but one can never be too cautious I maybe infected and don’t know it so plz scan***

The Lost Tower Naruto Movie 4

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Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 :  The Lost Tower

May as well call it the Lost writer , for the trailer of the movie promised something that it didn’t give in the end .

The movie is about Naruto , Sakura , Sai and Yamato trying to stop a missing-nin from messing with some old Jutsu left there by the 4th Hokage . They are supposed to capture the vilain and bring him back . But the guy is a weasel that somehow know how to time travel , and so his actions send both Naruto and Yamato to the past .

***If you didn’t watch the movie and find the words above spoil-ish well go watch it !***

Did they deliver what they promised ? No , of course not . Why would they do that ?

Was the movie fun to watch ? Muh , I’ve seen better episodes that’s for sure .

So what’s wrong with the movie ?

Well first , we all know the sad story of Uzumaki Naruto right ?

He grow up not knowing his parents , Jiraiya and Tsunade both hinted (before Jiraiya went snooping in Pain Town home) that Naruto look like his father but his personality (hyperactive behavior and so on) come from his mother .

The movie hinted in the short trailer that he would meet his father during this trip in time .

Woohoo , finally poor Naruto may finally experience some loving from his real father instead of substitute .

Wrong! We only get glimpse of the 4th Hokage  which make the movie a fraude .

Sure the movie may not have been all about the relationship between Naruto and the 4th Hokage but damn it ! why then show us as if it was then ?

I guess they knew it would grap your curiositee and you will watch it . Just to be dissapointed in the end . But let’s face it , we are getting used to dissapointement with this Manga .

From the very repetetives story lines , to the lame exuses of short and nonsense battles . Take your pick , Dragon Ball Z may had his fault but when it came to the story , it never ”didn’t make any sense” or ever make you say ” damn another sob story”  . Ever . (you can watch DB , DBZ and see for yourself ) .

So in the end , would I recommand this movie ?

Hum , watch it but be ready to be dissapointed since you will not see the Hokage much , or hear him say what you want him to say .

The soundtrack wasn’t anything you went to go and find on YT , Naruto/shippuden maybe repetetive but they usually make you forget that with an amazing music . But this movie was average in the soundtrack departement . Poor in the story line and all around . Watch it if you must (or need your Naruto fix) but you have been warned . 🙂

Funny and Cute Wallpapers

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Funny wallpapers always put a smile on our face , and can get a chuckle from us .  The fans with today technologie and a lot of skill at drawing , gave it their all and some are really hilarious when others are very well done . Sometimes you almost wish they made a comic from it .

-Naruto , Sakura & Sasuke in a band-


-Narutoman ? and he look tired lol –


– lol yeah and that’s the editors of Naruto-


-Full cast into the Simpsons –


-The Simpsons in Naruto style clothes , Bart look cool in the akatsuki robe and sharing eyes –


-Naruto charchters turned into Pokémon –


-The middle finger iz not a ninja hand sign lol-


-Naruto as Goku from DBZ , I think his head is too big :P-


– A Sasuke doll ? Girls…go get one !-


– Sasuke should chill a little , he never make weird faces –


-LOL the picture say it all –


– He is asking for it !-


-Sasuke : so what ? –


– Aww poor Tenten-


-hum hard choice …-


-Haha well done –



Episode 178

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What did I think of the last episode of Naruto ?

Well , that’s not an easy question considering the fact that we are not behind the scene and we don’t know what’s going on .

For starter , know that the animé is way behind compared to the manga .

Add to that it seem somehow different , but the story is the same I guess . Also the animé is censured while the manga isn’t I think .

Well in this episode it is mostly 20min of flashback . Because it is about the past , Naruto past and Iruka’s . So it is a long flashback about how Naruto was mistreated by the others folk and all that shit .

The thing that bother me , is that considering it is one episode per week for us folk here , it gonna take them forever to catch up to the manga , who is way farther but still manage to dissapoint .

No here , I will review the Animé Episode 178 which was boring . Yes I love sad stuff and warming and make you cry kind of episode , but with the manga hinting at battles coming , I really want some actions .

So this is it , this last episode was just a long flashback of memory when Naruto was 7 years old I believe . Since Sasuke was in the picture at that time and he was 7 years old too when the disaster hit his clan .

We don’t see much of Sasuke , but we do see young Shikamaru and Choji who were friends back then and still are now .

I watched the episode but it was more fun to read the manga then watch this episode .

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