Obito , Tobito and Burrito !

OMG! THE MASK HAS FINALLY FALLEN . And the masked man is none else but OBITO UCHIHA .

Well , that’s really what I like to say . But WRONG!

Sorry for all of you outta there , who are doing the Victory dance !

Nope , it doesn’t fly with me .

All of you outta there who are already celebrating (before knowing the why , the how and the when ) . I suggest , you hold on that bottle of champagne before going Bonzai !

There is one thing that someone on Narutospot pointed out , that we (me included ) completely forgotten .

During the attack of the 9-tails on Konoha (the night Naruto was born ) . Minato said someone was controlling the 9-tails .

In Naruto Shippuden Episode 248 , we see clearly a masked man fight the 4th Hokage .


Now the real question is : How old was Obito during that time ???

And as seen in this picture , he isn’t in the group . (neither is Ryn ) . Yet , during that same time . Itachi noticed how odd that his parents chose that day to be absent . (and you know if the Uchiha knew about the attack it kinda explain why the 3rd failed in the negociation . Yet , we could say the same , where were all konoha shinobi when Itachi was killing everyone huh ) .

From the flashback , he was maybe around 8 or maybe older . So how can he be fighting the 4th Hokage and be a kid at the same time ?

Even if it’s Obito standing before Kakashi and Naruto and Gai . It doesn’t mean HE IS the masked man .

Come on , if they can make 10 robes for the members of Akatsuki . They can make 2 orange crappy mask and those dark clothes .

Yes , if there are 2 Tobi the only trouble is that we didn’t see them together .

And don’t forget , we have yet to hear the voice of Obito . So far , we have one strong kinda old voice of the masked man .  And shinobi can alter their voices at will (and with training ) . Remember , when Yamato easily imitated Sasori voice right on the spot to fit with his disguise ?

As for those outta there , who claim that the masked man is MADARA Uchiha .

Answer this question if you can :

If Madara Uchiha is just a soul now that he ripped his contract (before the Edo-tensei was dissolved) . How can he be inside Obito controlling him and at the same time fighting the 5 Kages ???

Because , as far as I know . The only being so far who know how to , and took the risk to imitate No-Nose aka Voldemort


Orochimaru .

He is the only being so far in the manga that taken a step to split his soul , so he can come back .

Madara so far , is a full soul . And he is fighting the 5 Kages . So unless they reveal he did the same thing……

I say the real vilain is either an unknown (and unseen) person yet to be revealed . Or Orochimaru (why not ? as you can see , he is like a cold he always manage to come back) .

There is Sasuke who is still around and walking still the wrong path . (I swear , he should learn to read road-sign) .

And then there is the Aloé-Vera . We do know that the white side of him has been destroyed by Sasuke . But the Black Zetsu is still around , breathing and mysterious as ever . His role in the manga is yet to be revealed .

Of course , there are many other theory like Izuna being the masked man .

But that one nobody wanna explain , if he is still around . How come Madara on the battlefield claim his brother is dead .

Madara is arrogant , an asshole but a liar I do not think so . He doesn’t strike me as someone who would lie about something like that .

I think Madara had the same kind of relationship Sasuke had with Itachi . Sasuke being a Madara like (not just as powerful , so don’t go crazy ) .

Yet , there is one thing bothering me with Madara (beside the obvious of WHY IS HE STILL AROUND IF THE WORLD IS WORTHLESS !!) .

Why he want the 9-Tails , yet he has the power and seem aware of the existence of the 10-tails . Why did he never try to bring the 10-tails back .

When he captured the 9-tails , from what he said to Kurama , it sounded as he knew a great deal about the beast .

Yet , so far there is no flashback about him trying to be a host for the 10-tails or trying to revive the great beast .

So yeah , we are back to the starting point…..

But to cool it off , if you didn’t already start watching . I suggest to go and start watching Rock Lee and his Ninjas Pals . It’s freaking hilarious !



4 Responses to “Obito , Tobito and Burrito !”

  1. InoYamanakiLover Says:

    The masked man is Obito Uchiha.I know for sure because in the new manga you see a flashback from Obito who’s watching Kakashi saying to the grave of Rin that Minato soon gonna be father.So i think Obito knew about the baby so he could be te masked man.And i dont think Izuna Uchiha is alife.(Sorry for my bad english)

  2. dues when the nine tail attacked konoha and the masked man did it , how old did u say obito would be then ? dont u see in that episode that kakashi and guy are young when the nine tails attack , there about 16, 17( and obito was there age fellow) nd rin was already dead … the age that sasuke and naruto are right now or may be older … is sasuke not strong enough for yaa … you said 8 years of age hahaha you should see the whole anime again

  3. Mr.Oakzzz Says:

    I see your point. I belong to the guys that believed Tobi to be Izuna and I will keep that door open for the time being. You’re right that Madara isn’t a liar. Of what we have seen of him so far, he is a very proud man and wouldn’t just throw a lie that his brother had died. But then again, I don’t recall him ever stating that either. I do know that Tobi said Izuna died when he was trying to recruit Sasuke but we know that wasn’t Madara. However, I must admit that Obito somehow is caught up in this mess and there are pointers pointing to him being Tobi. But we don’t know for sure if there is only one Tobi, just like you said.

    • You are thinking of when he tried to recruit Sasuke , and told him everything about Madara and Itachi right ?
      What make me suspicious that he may not be alive , is later (during his fight against Tsunade) .
      (sorry if it’s a spoiler for you ) .
      But think of it , he claim that the only thing the dead can pass down is power . Aka his brother giving his eyes to him .
      I believe that is a big part of what made Madara so bitter , and the fact that he cannot seem to be able to move beyond that point . It tell me , his brother is dead .
      I believe also that Sasuke has the same possesiveness that Madara does . I was always a bit surprised that the Masked guy saw who it was in the 6th coffin and didn’t react that much (beside being in shock that is) .
      I think if the Masked guy was really Izuna , if he saw Kabuto with his brother in a coffin . I believe he would have done something to steal him from him somehow . He would let him join of course , but you know keep your ennemy closer . Best way to get your hand on what you want .
      And the last hint , and that was before the mask fall . Was when Madara say ‘ Now I get the 9-tails’ . While the Masked guy say ‘ Now I bring out the 10-tails’ .
      I believe if it was Izuna (which I think Madara believe it’s him , notice how he never answered Kabuto about the *fake Madara*) , they would be tuned . Even if his brother is dead and is back , they know each others and would have the same idea or plan .
      But like you said , the door is still open . It may just be Izuna in the end , we shall see 🙂 Thanx for Visiting and Commenting !

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