Tobi Theory

So , I decided to take the bull by the horn and go throw what I got so far about The Masked Man aka our dear friend Tobi .

We are really (hopefully) getting close as to who the hell he is . So before the nice mysterie bubble get shot down….

Let’s us Proceed….



       What we know about him ? Nothing much beside he has the Sharingan which Mark him as an Uchiha .

He wear the Konoha headband , so he is and was in the time of Senju/Uchiha .

Why is he Tobi ? = His face form is similar to Tobi . His eye too…and he has no past- no identity = He fit the bill ?

Kagami = Tobi ?

So hum….next !



The only problem with this Theory is this Picture :

So….Izuna = Tobi ?

                            Tobi claim Izuna is dead . Madara claim his brother is dead .  Why everyone claim he is alive ??? Because of the sharingan ? Not enough , even Danzo almost become Tobi since he had a Sharingan (and not just any , 10+ Shisui Sharingan) .

                                         Then there is the Theory that say ,

                                             That Tobi is………….

                                              MADARA UCHIHA

Tobi = Madara ?

Well , from the way I understand how the Edo Tensei work . You need a corpse for the summon . And the one who you wanna call back (into the living world) MUST exist in the Pure world  .

The thing here , is IF Kabuto summoned Madara Soul from the Pure World . Then there is no way in hell , it is Madara . Because Madara only has 1 SOUL!

Hello…..he need a SOUL to put inside the Corpse (Vessel) to be able to use their techniques ! So therefor , if the soul is already stored inside a dead body . Then there is no way , Tobi can be Madara because Madara only has 1 SOUL . BUT if he found a way to split his soul…then this is another Story .

If Indeed , Madara before he died found a way to split his soul /or stored somewhere (knowing he will die to advance some futur plan *knowing he will be ressurected* ) . Then yes , Madara then (with 2 soul even if only as a shred ) can be fighting Naruto and the 5 kages at the same time .

But as far as I can tell , the manga deal alot with ADN and grave-robbing which is close to Necromancy . But Souls ? only Orochimaru is known to have made fishy busness with that domain .

Many claim to have reached the ‘Immortal Plateau’ , Orochimaru and Haku (From Will of Fire Movie) were both bragging about getting close to the solution of being Ultimate being and cheating death for good . And both failed….

Yet , Kakuzu one who believed only in money claim that such thing as Immortality doesn’t exist . But just how far can you trust such claim ?

Is Tobi a weak being that is trying to reach the Immortal Plateau ? Or is he truly an Immortal being (aka Madara) and is finishing an old job he started a long time ago ?

Or Maybe , this Moon Plan isn’t about making everyone behave better (Mass Gengetsu) but about Tobi becoming the exact opposite in belief to Rikkudou and at the same time , trying to surpasse him ?

                                                             Let’s hear what you think….


(Remember , argue but back it up..orthewise just keep it silent ) 


5 Responses to “Tobi Theory”

  1. no hi is obiti it has benn confirmed in chapter 599

  2. There is a chance that Izuna is actually Tobi , Madara and Tobi could be just telling lies .

  3. Its shisui or danzo i was looking at pics of naruto and it had 3rd hokage along with others no one knows but two people were missing Shisui and Danzo
    Personally i think it is Shisui because the anbu were protecting the hospital so it had to be somone like shisui for the anbu to let him go in and he then there he attacked minato
    Also when kabuto tryed to ressurect shisui he said his body couldnt be found which is why it could either be shsui also could be kagami
    Its someone that we know but idk someone who is alive and wants to destroy konaha

    • Shisui got his eye stolen by Danzo . Danzo got killed by Sasuke . Tobi hate Danzo and Orochimaru . Shisui gave his *other* eye to Itachi . Itachi pass Shisui will to Naruto . Shisui die with the help of Itachi so none fight over his eye . Kabuto find out that Itachi has Shisui eye , and get all Happy . Meaning Shisui is DEAD so he is happy so he can bring him (dead) back….
      Sorry if you didn’t read the manga…then…next time put it in your answer like this (Watched Manga/Anime) .

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