The Masked Man

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna put anything about this guy , until we get more details .

And I’m not , I have no idea who the hell is hiding his mug face behind a weird mask . (Yes I hate the mask!)

It could be anyone we know , and anyone we don’t know . Remember , these peoples can remove an eye and put it back and don’t lose their sight . So it could be someone who isn’t even an Uchiha who heard about the clan , did his homework and decided to play a trick on everyone while taking everything . Just as it could be Izuna , Madara brother . Or maybe his ancestor who is still alive wrinkle and all and maybe that’s why he is hiding his mug cose he is very very very old and look like a mummy πŸ˜›

There have been some theory as to who it’s , and there are many things that don’t add up . So it make it less likely to be the case….

The 1st one (you may have heard of it already) , but it is a picture that show Danzo Shimura…

See for yourself…

So what’s wrong with this picture ?

Yes , the hair look almost the same . But if you look at the eye behind the mask , I think that one was worked and not an original design .

Danzo eyes even when he showed his Sharingan , it wasn’t the same eye . It’sn’t about the Sharingan design but the corner of the eye , how it was draw is just not the same .

Add to that , this guy has a strong but clear voice . While Danzo has a voice that say his age . And the masked guy even though we assumed he was Madara at first , his voice wasn’t one of an old person .

I do agree that weirdly enough , they have the same top hair all spikey like . And he does wear those white stuff around his head . And the masked guy was once shown wearing some white bandana around his head . (when he lost half of his mask against Konan) .

But I don’t think Danzo is the masked man . I mean come on , first he doesn’t hate Konoha , quiet the opposite actually . And second , how would he have orchestred his fight with Sasuke while Sitting a few feet away as Madara huh ?!?

The second theory (an old one this one) , is that Tobi is Ubito . I read somewhere a while ago that Tobi would be Ubito inversed or something…..

See the theory for yourself….

So what’s wrong with this one ?

First ,Β  remember the motive ?

Yes , that’s the important part . The motive !

This kid if he survived being squached and losing an eye and the blood loss , WHY would he go in hiding and come back many years later and rage war ?

He gave his eye to Kakashi with his best wishes and his blessing . He sacrified himself to save his teameates .

Why would he become banana and try to take over the world ? cose they forget him under a rock ??!??

I don’t think Kakashi would have left the spot if he knew Obito was still alive……..

That’s why I say , Obito is not TOBI . And Tobi is not OBITO . Same hair , YES . Same eyes ? maybe…not sure . Same guy ? Don’t think so….

Remember , who ever it is : THIS GUY HAS A HUGE GRUDGE!

Yes , he is doing it cose he think he deserve it . He think it will make him complete . He think the world would cease the hating and become peaceful under one gaze . He think it is something that is rightfuly his . As you can see , watever his reasons are , this guy has a huge grudge against the world and the peoples of Konoha especially . So he is either related to Madara , which would explain how he know so much about him and how he is imitating him and copying him .Β  Or it’s somoene who isn’t related to the Uchiha , but then……………who ?

The closest clue I got was by putting the only nude eye we see of the masked guy , and paste it on Izuna (Madara younger brother) . He is the only one that I feel has similar (eye design) to the masked guy . I’m not saying it’s him but his eyes are the closest match…..

Took this picture…

Past the eye on Izuna…

And you get……..

Now , that eye fit or what ? πŸ™‚






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  1. Megaquake2012 Says:

    It’s obito stupid

  2. @Thug_Life_Swerve : not on my blog buddie ! you may get away with being a Dick head elsewhere but not here . And the circle thingy ? it’s called the Rinnegan . At least learn how to call it before you come all Dicky attitude on someone ‘turf’ . And last , use your eyes and brains (they will serve you better then any attitude you may shape for yourself in the long run ) . This post is 1- OLD . 2- Now we know who is behind the mask . 3- Your reply is meaningless because of your attitude .

  3. Thug_Life_Swerve Says:

    Dick Head Obviously Its Not Him Because The One Eye That Madara Shows Now Had The Multiple Circles Type(forgot the name) But Thats the one eye that the old man shows so i dont think you can transform your eyes back nd forth

  4. what i now is that tobi is MADARA because in one episode tobi take of the mask in front of kisame and i said his name MADARA

  5. well if you go to manga then g to naruto page itll show the manga that tbi is obito

  6. it’s obito man. :))) haha

  7. Haha its Obito! He wanted to get rid of the idea of shinobi after all. The original mask is where his eye would be. It will all get explained in time though. New theories to be made!

    • So say the last manga chapter . But someone on Narutospot pointed out something very interesting !
      When the 9-Tails attack konoha , check out how old Kakashi , Gai and Obito were !!!!!!
      I do not think it’s Obito , and I do not think it’s Madara either (unless someone can explain how he can have 2 souls) . Maybe it’s an unseen vilain yet to be revealed , or Orochimaru . either one is fine by me (as long it’s not the AloΓ© Vera Plant) .

  8. I like the Obito angle… since the name is an anagram of Tobi, & would be more dramatic if is actually Obito. Obito did say to Kakashi in Anime Ep119, “I’ll crush that idea of shinobi, if I’m that kind of trash…” before they went to rescue their teammate (I guess that gives the motive). (I like that Dragonball angle too… very Japanese)

    It goes to show how wonderful Naruto is (since its making our imagination busy about the Tobi twist)… I just started watching it a month ago, wanting to discover what the fuss is all about. I thought it was just another anime ninja stereotype story… it turns out I’ve never seen anything like this before. Naruto is the most awesome story I’ve seen, ever.

  9. Mr.Oakzzz Says:

    I think the most likely theory is that tobi is Izuna. for starters, they do have similar eyes. for seconds, during his fight with konan, tobi states that he gave nagato the rinnegan and simply takes back what was originally his.
    We know that the real Madara aweakened the rinnegan shortly before his death, and if yu think of it, it was in IZUNAS eyes that they aweakened since he had taken them. Its true that Narutopedia states Izuna is dead, but that webside isn’t really sure about tobis identity either, for example they at first listed tobi and madara as the same person until proven wrong.
    I personally can’t see why not Izuna wouldn’t fake his death. Sure, you could go on about that stuff that he was very dedicated to the clan and all, but don’t forget that the same was thought about Shisui and he turned his back on the clan, since he told Itachi to protect THE VILLAGE, not THE CLAN.
    We know that its not too hard to get a new pair o eyes in this serie and its quite possible that he got himself a neew pair of sharingan after his fake death. This can be strengthed by the fact that tobi is never SEEN with a deactivated sharingan, since his eyes were never shown before he revealed himself as madara. Also, nagato is similarily never seen with normal eyes, only with an activated rinnegan, which can strengthen the theory that he gained them from someone else, like for example the dead madaras body.
    for if he had the rinnegan was active when he died, his eyes would keep them activated, which is shown by kakashis sharingan, that can’t be deactivated.

    I also noticed that someone pointed out that they have completely different hair. dont get fooled by that. we know for sure that tobi has prolonged his life using hashirama senjus DNA. his hair can have changed with that DNA transplantion. just look at kabuto. his hair changed style after implaanting orochimarus cells.
    you might say that his changed to become more similar to the scource, but look at it this way.
    Tobi has some 1rst hokage dna and probably white ZETSU was created from the same sample. we know that he was created from hashiramas DNA and if you look closely, ZETSUS hair slightly resembles tobis, just that tobis is longer, since Izuna and Tobi have the same hair colour, Tobis hair style could easy be recognised as the result of izunas and 1rst hokages dna combining, kabuto didn’t change colour either.

    what do you think about this?

    • Wow ! You just blow my mind away lol
      Ok the 1st thing that bother me in your theory is : Tobi gave Nagato the Rinnegan .
      I know he said that many times , and yet….my question is HOW ? How did he give Nagato the Rinnegan ??
      Nagato is shown to have ‘Awaken’ his Rinnegan during the War with Hanzo .( and later we learn that Nagato is an Uzumaki , and Tobi doesn’t hold much love to the Uzumaki ) .

      The 2nd thing that bother me , is that Madara (On the battelfield claim that his brother is dead ) . If it’s true , then it can’t be Tobi= Izuna .
      I don’t care about his hair , but I do care about the form of his face /lips . And we didn’t see his mouth yet . But we did see a part of his face (on the side ) and his face is more like KAGAMI then Izuna .

      Also , I do agree with you on the DNA . This Tobi his whole body is made of Harishama DNA + Uchiha . Hence why he keep teleporting himself . And One Rasengan made him back away . That tell me his body is very fragile to direct attack . Yet at the same time , he feel no pain and can replace an arm easely with that Giant Flower in his hideout .

      And I do believe that the White Zetsu is made of Harishama DNA . And I believe that the Black Zetsu is made of the 10-Tails Chakra (Dark/black Chakra) .

      And I also don’t think he need the 9 and 8 Tails to bring the 10-Tails . He already gathered enough chakra to bring him back , he just want those two to make sure he come full power . And I also don’t believe in his full-moon crap plan . He is just buying time cose he DO need the MOON . Cose the body of the beast is up there (DBZ Rip-off ) . And he want to fuse (Fuuuuusion XD) with the 10-Tails not become his host . He want to be complete…not share in the misery of being a Jinchurikii !!! He is NONE….and the 10-tails is sort of…a no identified thing..beside being sort of a dog with 10 tails and a giant cyclope eye .

      What bother me with Tobi is that the sharingan he has look like Madara Sharingan . And also , the fact that even if he was Izuna . Why would he let Kabuto ressurect his brother and use him against him ????
      Madara seem to be arrogant and would be kinda Uber-bitch over his brother . So To me….if Izuna was in that position under the disguise of Tobi he would pawn Kabuto right there . Not let him join .
      And when he tell Sasuke everything , he speak as Madara but when talk about losing his brother…and his hand crisp. It just …it sounded faked .
      I don’t feel TOBI is IZUNA . Even if many things do fit for him being Izuna .

      I personally have a weird theory that should be posted up there and not here lol
      But here what I think , I think Tobi could be any of the 3 aboves . But also , I think he could be NONE of the above .
      I think , he could be somoene who is either finishing what Madara started but never finished . Or someone who was MADE and left to finish the job .
      Why ? because it is just too similar to Dr.Gero and Cell computer + Cell . Dr.Gero would be Madara , leaving the Super computer who would be Zetsu to finish his Moon plan and maybe even bring him back .
      Because Madara claim that his 2nd battle with Harishama was something he planned . So if he planned that battle to get something…..that mean there is a purpose . Which become unfinished when he died .
      Tobi isn’t made by Madara . But maybe he left his super computer who would be Black zetsu . Black zetsu finish making TOBI . Tobi become TOBI (Cell) and make white zetsu to help run things around . He work and clones him for his plans….
      His plan is to put everyone under a mass Gengetsu (Cell wanted to destroy the whole world) .
      He claim to be complete and need the 2 last Kyuubi to be full . (Cell needed 2 Androids to become PERFECTION ) .
      Both Cell and Tobi has like a big archives of data about the ennemy . Tobi seem to know kakashi Kamui before the guy even utter a word . Cell had all the cells of his ennemy within him (just like Tobi claim to have controle over harishama Senju DNA) .
      They both could regenerate their body easely . Tobi using that flower , and Cell trough the Namek in him .
      Like Cell , he could replicate others peoples technic . I believe his teleportation Jutsu is similar to Shisui (maybe even copied) .
      Both brag alot , and like to play games . And both manipulate and never admit in doing so .
      Only these two white and black zetsu seem to know Tobi as something else then a Boss of Akatsuki.
      It’s a BIG Stretch…but you know…if he can replace both arm without blinking……he can be made . Beside , look at White Zetsu . He is MADE , and yet he seem…if you take the green and the plant side of him..almost normale . Give him a hat and a sword and you could call him LINK lol
      But I do bow to your opinion , thanx for explaining your view πŸ™‚
      (**Oh one more thing , the guy who voice Madara is said to be voicing Tobi….so dunno if that mean Tobi = Madara XD) .

    • One more thing , I think what’s sending vibes that Tobi IS Izuna . Is that , it’s all about these brothers thingy…

      You know Itachi/Sasuke , Then Madara/Izuna . All brotherly…so if Madara is pawning on that side with the Kages . Then the one pawning on that other side with the Bijuu must be Izuna .

      And I don’t think so…cose this Tobi isn’t acting out of revenge for a battered brother (like Sasuke) . He is coming off more like an outcast . Someone who was betrayed TWICE . Not once but TWICE .
      Somoene who was screw over and has no tie to either a clan , a brother….or a land . Hence why he is going mass brainwashing . Instead of just jump in and fight it off . Madara is shown to be a warrior and doesnt mind fist fighting over things . This guy been plotting under disguise and so far he still wear a freaking MASK and then say ‘Call me NONE’…yeah but the mask !

  10. i think the masked man could be tobi ,coz earlier when he made his 1st apperance he had only 1 eye n obito had 1 eye coz he gave the other to kakashi,

  11. hydroninja... Says:

    madara = masked tobi = WATCH THE CURRENT EPISODE of naruto SHIPPUDEN, NOT MANGA, AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THE MASKED TOBI IS REALLY MADARA . When he kills the flower girl He admits that when he fought the hokage he just stole his DNA to prepare for the future. HE SAYS THE REAL VICTOR IS THE 1 THAT PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE. So since he can get his arm cut off and reproduce, im guessing HALF his body is madara and other half is zetsu because kabuto said that he didnt FULLY die when he fought the hokage, only half of him died and he obtained the dna

    • Did you read the manga ? if not , do so (unless you didn’t for spoiler ) . Madara = Tobi right ? is this what you are saying ?
      But to your question I ask you this : How about his soul ? DNA and all is fine . But a body need a soul .
      And right now the soul of Madara is used by Kabuto (on his trump card) , so what soul is hosted inside Tobi ? Madara soul ? How ? Kabuto had it and used it . A split soul ? wouldn’t kabuto be aware of it if he had half-a-soul ?

    • dude if the masked man is real madara and his half body is alive as u say ,then when kabuto would have ressurected the real madara only half of his body should have came in the real world why dis hi full body came in the real world????

  12. many2186 Says:

    look tobi is probably sauske ‘s dad.. reasons are simple..
    itachi was taking care of sauske when the fox came out of narutos mom and he said what a time for father and mother not to be home..
    second is that when he fought that paper chick he said only senju and uchia bloodline can use that trade your eye move to keep living and he also talked about that the first hokage vs madra was just a fight for madra to gain 1st hokages power..

    so he would have had to been able to have the ocular jutsu powerfull enough to read the crazzy tablet under the uchia place in the begining of the show where sauske went to read it..
    but why would a dead / living guy need to leave a secret table about what really happened in that fight and how he gained his hidden powers back and got the rinegan and explain how to be revived??
    because hes really dead and hes not madra but also cuz the his hatred was soo high and he felt that someone would do his dirty work later on..
    in the end my conclusion goes to that itachi killed supposedly the uchia because he needed to stop the madness that his father was making about changing the balance of power but it never said HOW and what his father was thinking..

    in the end i think itach’s life was always a fake about what happened and he could not tell his little brother that his father was the mad man who wanted to destroy his entire clan ..
    i think madra told someone close to him before he died to hashirama about what power and ocular jutsu he gained and that person was never able to do what was nessesary for madra to come back to life and take vengance..
    so he made the tablet in madras legacy and died of old age and i think that the person who made the tablet told or showed his hatred to his son or close family member and it all went to hell. i think its sauske dad because its the only missing link in the story about what really happened

    *** I edited and fixed your comment without altering anything else . So others can read your comment without losing their eyes πŸ˜‰

    • what really happen ? And The father of Itachi = Tobi ?
      Let’s say for a second you are right , explain the part where the 3rd know about all of this ? and the elders too . Explain how they knew what happen if it was all ‘Fake’ . Explain why if it was ‘Fake’ , they took part of it . For what purpose ? what do they gain ?
      And last , what proves do you have that Itachi Dad is able to pull such an evil plan ?
      Because from Itachi and Sasuke plan , he was cautious not bold . Tobi on the others hand seem like blood thirsty and can take risk . Two differents set of mind…and yet you say they are one and the same πŸ™‚

  13. 2 Theories:

    1. (the one i think is more likely) It’s Izuna and heres my theory.

    Think back to when Tobi fought with Konan on the sea after Nagato’s death. He said that he wanted to take back “his eyes.” Later on we learned that the Edo Madara had awakened the Rinnegan shortly before his death, so Madara is actually dead.

    We also recall that Tobi told Naruto, Itachi, and Yammato that Izuna had willingly given his eyes to Madara to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan and give him eternal sight. In the mean time, it didn’t mention anything about Izuna dying from this, much less stating anywhere in the manga that Izuna died. Izuna may have developed a time/space warping jutsu to cope with his vulnerability of not having the Sharingan. Or he may have just reverted to an older state of the Sharingan, hence Edo Itachi still posessing what appears to be his Sharingan even though it was removed and implanted into Sasuke.

    But as i was saying, I think that once the real Madara was defeated by Hashirama, he was in such a frail dying state, possibly overwhelmed with his new found power taken from Hashirama but more likely saved by Izuna’s space warp jutsu, that he willingly returned the eyes to Izuna who could use his new jutsu to disappear and reappear at any time, at his will, provided that he revive Madara and utilize the “Moons Eye Plan.” So Izuna who had lost it all, regained it all again after Madara got to battle Hashirama.

    That all said, Izuna was supposedly on par with Madara with all their fighting so it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that they also shared similar distaste with the Uchiha clan for not wanting to take back Konoha. Izuna could have gotten revenge for Madara by massacring the clan with Itachi.

    2. Madara developed a jutsu that split himself in two, the physical being died and the new spacial Madara exists in an imperfect state not being a complete being. This is based solely on the fact that when he was asked what he wanted by the Kages he responded “A perfect body.” On top of the fact that Kabuto and Orochimaru had been developing and testing expirement using Hashiramas DNA.
    Kabuto also states that Danzo was a prototype and nowhere near the level of perfection that the Edo Madara is. Madara and Kabuto keep referring to a “his plan” regarding the war and the reawakening of all the legendary shinobi, meaning that it isn’t the deceased Madara’s plan, who is battling the Kages, but a seperate entity.

    • hum what you are saying isn’t far from what I’m thinking , BUT there is only one little detail missing . On the Narutopedia clearly they show IZUNA DEAD !!!!!!!

      But I do agree with you , the real question is : If he isn’t dead , then why show him dead ???

      We know that losing your eyes doesn’t kill you (ex`: Shisui talking to Itachi with just one eye ) .

      But I agree with you , and I feel like Kabuto is way way over his head . He is a fool if he think that Madara or Tobi will let him in their conquest…they are gonna use him and dump him . Period !
      Btw thanx for commenting and Visiting πŸ™‚

      • Ya i saw that too on Narutopedia which was what threw me a bit in my idea but then i went back and started re-reading chapters and i haven’t seen a single manga chapter that says Izuna died even if he is pictured in a coffin in 399 p.5. It might show him lying in a coffin but it doesn’t say he died or is dead. It hints that he “sacrificed” himself but it still never said he died. I think its part of Kishimoto’s plan to throw people off. Only time will tell but the pieces fit.

        Would be hysterical if we were right.

      • One more thing i failed to notice but in 401 u can see “tobi’s” face in the mirror when Itachi says he’s a pathetic shell of his former self. Its a bad image but nonetheless looks near identical to Izunas face.

      • the 401 episode or chapter ? I looked at the manga and I can’t see Tobi face . And no mirror…so maybe it was the anime ?

      • the manga – i might be over analyzing it but its someone in the Akatsuki uniform. Heres the page im talking about:

        Bottom right hand panel

      • bottom right , the last bubulle ? where it say ‘Today , Madara is a pathetic shell of his former self . He is no longer worthy of being considered the greatest Uchiha ‘ This one ??!?
        Well that is Itachi (you see his back ) , his face is like zoomed in next bubble as you can see . They were in the hideout of the Uchiha just before their fight . And well this is a flashback..he is remembering how Itachi went Banana on him and doubting what ‘Tobi’ is telling him .
        What puzzle me is the first picture on that Page ! where it say ‘You’re Lying’ WTF with that ? Check out the hair…I swear I though it was Madara LOLLLLLLLLLL
        The one saying ‘You’re Lying’ is supposed to be Sasuke why does it look like Madara head XD crazy stuff !

    • what do you do about his hair ? let’s assume it’s Izuna for 2sec ok . What do you say about his hair ?
      The last episode in the anime is the one with Kisame , and in the flashback we see Tobi (masked guy) with Madara like hair….
      And Izuna different . So unless his head got stuck in some bijuu mouth for a longgggggg time , or he has a case of bad shampoo…or it is not Izuna .
      Cose everybody else keep the same hair . Jiraiya hair was white and Spikey from since he was a kid . Kakashi same , Guy same bowl hair , Tsunade same . Why would Tobi hair be the only one that goes from flat to spikey ??
      lol I know minor detail…but still WHY HIS HAIR IS DIFFERENT πŸ˜›

  14. Dude I dnt fink itz izuna bt I suSpekt d JUBBI I min he sed he wants to be complete using the bijus he myt have taken that form sinz its chakra has bin split and his original body has sealed in the moon and he has enuf grudge and rememba hw he removd his arm so easily witout pain…jst tot so

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