Sasuke Vol – III –

So for the fans that drool over the mysterious young Sasuke Uchiha , I give you today a couples of wallpapers going from when he was 13 to 16 , and as we know in Shippuden his look changed (and so did his personality) .  Sasuke Uchiha is in my opinion a tragic kid , he is the outcome of a lot of hates (thanx to madara!) , and power sturggles . And of course the same quest of finding who he  is , is put before him . Only , he choose what seem like the easy path , dark but straigh forward . Times will only tell , if his ending will be good or bad .

But for now , let’s see those wallpapers…


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  2. albertwesker59 Says:

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful pictures! Just incredibly awesome! My most heartfelt congratulations! 😀

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